Kodak smartphone rumored to be announced on October 20th

Kodak is rumored to announce a new smartphone on October 20th. As the website Ubergizmo noted, the big button on the leaked picture/teaser could be a dedicated shutter release:

"Safe to say that its specs and features are really anyone’s guess right now, but given Kodak’s ties to the photography industry, perhaps we’ll see features that are more photo-centric. Heck, even the teaser image above seems to indicate some kind of button that could maybe be a dedicated shutter release, who knows?"

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  • Max

    Kodak has the coolest logo ever.

    • Yeah, it’s like a classic telephone, so it’s quite fitting.

  • ZoetMB

    Is this really made by Kodak or is it a license? If it’s a license, Kodak’s ties to the photo industry and even the fact that Steve Sasson invented the digital camera at Kodak is completely irrelevant.

    Also, what matters in any smartphone is the OS and I assume that this is going to be Android. Is so, how different can it be from the typical Samsung phone (other than possibly not catching fire).

    • Franko

      – Shutter Button which i always missed.. my old sony walkman phone had one.
      – RAW file?
      – maybe bundled with Creative Cloud/Lightroom
      – bigger sensor and optical zoom (which failed for panasonic years ago).. (but that phone was just ugly)
      – own production sensor which outperforms sony sensors
      – lens attachement mount
      – focal length could be around 50mm equivalent which would be cool, but at least a significant bigger lens
      – usb – to hot shoe adapter

      in worst case it just has the shutter button.. but even in that case i would like it..
      similar idea had marshall with their music enthusiasm phone which has really great features.. manual volume wheel, two headphone jacks with better audio quality, amp function..
      but that phone was just too expensive for their mediocre hardware. i hope kodak provides a high end phone with flagship stats with good features

      • My Nubia Z9 I can hold in portrait mode and it will automatically start up the camera app (due to F.I.T. Frame Interactive Technology). Then I have a dedicated shutter button right under my index finger. There’s phones way ahead of the game already!

    • Don’t underestimate the importance of “not catching fire” as a feature.

      • ZoetMB

        As soon as Samsung manages to get out a version that doesn’t catch fire, that will be quickly forgotten. I’d love to see some sales stats on whether Samsung has lost sales or whether people have just switched to other Samsung models. And if people have switched brands, have they switched to other Android phones or to iOS.

        The funny thing is that Samsung also apparently has a washing machine that has caught fire. As I heard on some comedy show last night, “how does a box of water catch fire?”

        • Glen

          I think there is no question Samsung lost sales to Apple with the note 7 debacle. I follow Apple forums a bit and many users were considering switching for the note 7, including myself, when it was believed the iPhone 7 would just be an incremental refresh of the iPhone 6S. Those plans obviously went out the window with the fire issues and I ordered the iPhone 7 Plus so at least another two more years on iOS.

          • ZoetMB

            I follow Apple forums as well, but obviously, that’s an inherently biased audience (even if it does include some Apple haters) and not reflective of the market at large. The only way to really know is to track sales trends over the next year and to see if current Note 7 users return their replacement devices and switch brands instead and whether there’s a trend away from Samsung because of the recent issues.

            No different than Nikon haters/lovers vs. Canon lovers/haters. Every time either one releases something new and/or has problems, we hear about all these switchers, and it is true that Nikon has lost both share and volume in recent years, but only true sales numbers reflect what’s really happening. Everything else is anecdotal.

        • peevee

          “I’d love to see some sales stats on whether Samsung has lost sales or whether people have just switched to other Samsung models.”

          I am sure they did, and not just the Note 7, but everything including washing machines, for years to come.

          Never understood the draw of Samsung phones. Twice the price of many other similar hardware, same price as much better in practice iPhones, plus completely fked up software making it slow and, of course, no timely Android updates (which is the same for every Android phone except Nexus branded – now will be Pixel branded).

  • Yeah… like the Huawei Leica P9… not been really interested in that one. Panasonic actually did their own thing, but… not a very cool smartphone.

    Guess you can’t beat a premium compact with big sensor and some optical zoom like the LX100 in addition to your smartphone (I have a ZTE Nubia Z9 with OIS & NeoVision).

    Indeed a good question… is this Kodak or is this a licence? I’d like it to be great though, but it probably won’t.

    Atleast it can’t be as big of a fail as the DXO One.

  • Spy Black

    It’ll be cool if it had Kodachrome and Ektachrome emulation tables…

    • Marc Sadowski

      ^This! But let’s be real. I probably would STILL NOT buy it. If I had my wish, I would love to see Kodak make a camera like the Fuji X100 series where you can do film simulations of Kodachrome, Ektachrome, etc. It’s worked brilliantly with Fujifilm. I think Kodak really missed the boat on that one… of course, they missed A LOT of boats… not even sure if they even made it to the docks…

  • Thylmuc

    Will this be released before of after the Super 8 camera?
    Kodak’s recent strategy evades me.

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