Kickstarter to revive the Primoplan f1.9/58 and Primoplan f1.9/75 lenses ends tomorrow

The Kickstarter project for the Meyer-Optik Primoplan 58mm f/1.9 lens ends tomorrow. So far over $780k were raised (the initial goal was $50k). In addition to the Primoplan 58mm f/1.9 lens, Meyer-Optik also included a new Primoplan 75mm f/1.9 lens for certain support price levels. Here are few sample images from the prototype Primoplan 75/f1.9 lens taken with a Nikon D800E by the German fashion photographer Benedikt Ernst:

Meyer Optik Primoplan 75/f1.9 with Nikon D800E sample photos
Some background on the Primoplan: Meyer Optik developed the Primoplan line of the lenses in the 1930s to be used with the Ihagee Exakta, the world's first single-lens reflex camera. It stopped production in the 1950s as the East German government consolidated its camera and lens industry.

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  • J.L. Williams

    “…the Ihagee Exakta, the world’s first single-lens reflex camera.” Oh, puh-lease. The world’s first production single-lens reflex camera for 35mm film, at best…

    • Zos Xavius

      That is true. The 35mm SLR was a revolution though. The only thing earlier was a Soviet prototype.

      • J.L. Williams

        Sure, but my point was that single-lens-reflex cameras for other format sizes had been around since the 19th century, so the author should have chosen his words a bit more carefully.

  • stpr

    I am constantly amazed about how they reach these numbers on their Kickstarter campaigns 😮

    • This is the case also with many other third party lenses from Lomography and other small companies. Maybe the photo gear industry is not dead, they just don’t know what to produce and how to sell it…

      • Your point is well taken. Another example would be the Venus Laowa 105 Trans lens.

        • Yes, they all sold out as far as I remember, maybe this is the future of the photo gear industry?

          • It’s full of hipsters with hopes and dreams who can say ‘I backed it when it wasn’t even a thing’.

            They sit there at Starbucks… drinking their moccacino latte grande double whipped with cream and sprinkles, whilst sitting there with their Macbook going over what’s the latest hippest thing to back on Kickstarter…

          • nwcs

            No, you can’t pin this all on hipsters. More than likely it’s a bunch of old farts who live in the past and demand that photography be like it was to them back in 1957.

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            A little more than 1000 backers for whom 54 didn’t order the lens they just gave $5

            It is astounding they manage to sell this stuff, but it is not a volume item that means anything to the industry.

        • Yes, they all sold out as far as I remember, maybe this is the future of the photo gear industry?

  • Christopher J. May

    I’m still amazed at what the new Meyer-Optik can charge for their recent lenses. I get that they feature unique renderings far different than today’s more “sterile” optics. That being said, they’re really pretty simple lenses and kind of a one trick pony. Lomo’s recent offerings are similar, but at least they’re not priced quite as crazily. Maybe it’s an effort to get everyone on board with the Kickstarter (where you can still get the Primoiplan for the “bargain” price of $750). Retail of over $1500 is really kind of out there for a lens as simple as a Primoplan.

  • kbb

    Their cost of manufacture is probably about $35 (in Chinese yuan, of course). It’s like those doctors that specialize in ‘Diseases Of The Rich.’

  • I’m so over these Meyer-Optik crowdfunding projects. They remind me of I/BE Optics that together with Kipon make some overpriced Chinese lenses.

    You know what… I’d rather by something legit vintage. Like a Zenit. Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 for example.

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