First Hasselblad X1D camera reviews now available online

After the last delay, it seems that the Hasselblad X1D medium format mirrorless camera is getting close to being released - the first reviews already started appearing online: check out Bloomberg and Ming Thein:

Check out also the sample photos Hasselblad posted on their website. Picture credit: Ming Thein.

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  • hje

    Ming Thein did not do a review. This is a image video for Hasselblad. In my opinion a review needs to contain pro and cons. But thanks to Ming Thein it’s still a very nice video. I liked it.

    • doge

      Yes. That video is just a stuffy pretentious ad for the camera. and not a very good one.

    • johnny

      His review sucks, period. If I were Hasselblad, I’d rather give it to Ken Rockwell.

    • This is a production, it’s an ad, I doubt he had more control over it than Hasselblad themselves – after all, this was posted on Hasselblad’s channel.

      I’m not sure why you guys are so surprised when this looks exactly like every other promo video from any manufacturer.

      • hje

        I’m not surprised. I just don’t like the term ‘review’ for that kind of ‘media’.
        I’m glad they marked it as advertisement by blending in the Hasselblad logo in the end.

    • br0xibear

      Yeah it’s not a review as such, but he does make it clear he’s a Hasselblad ambassador so you’re going to get more of a promo. You’ll have to wait a while for a pro/con type of video.

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