The new Fuji X100F camera rumored to be announced in February


Fuji current X100T is now $200 off

The new Fuji X100F camera is rumored to be announced at the CP+ show in Japan (February 2017) most likely together with the X-T20 (recently two new Fuji cameras were registered in China). I expect both the Fuji X100F and Fuji X-T20 to have the new 24MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor found in the X-Pro2 ($1,549) and X-T2 ($1,799). The X100F will keep the same 23mm f/2 lens and could also get the combo shutter/ISO dial and joystick from the X-Pro2 (pictures bellow) and will probably use the same battery as the X100T:

fuji-x-pro2-combo-shutter-iso-dial fuji-x-pro2-joystick
The current Fuji X100T is currently on sale ($200 off) and has already been listed as discontinued at some stores.

Update: the Fuji X100F will also have a new dial located on the top of the front grip.

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  • Wilson

    X100F..ebruary, it’s all coming together

  • Aekn

    F actually stands for “facsimile”, Fuji’s methodology for every new version of their cameras.

  • jeffp3456

    So, if the XT20 is to the XT2 as the XT10 was to the XT1, I wonder how much it is going to cost? If the XT2 is $1699, I don’t see how Fuji can price the XT20 much below $1299.

    • nzswedespeed

      Yes good point. But then what’s the point? The xt10 is us$999 with the brilliant 18-55mm, and this seems to have been a good price point. I reckon if they should wait a bit longer to release it to keep the price lower (release our around this time next year)

  • Spy Black

    I guess this single focal length lens thing still works for some people. Definitely doesn’t work for me. Beautiful-looking camera tho, I really love Fuji’s design concepts.

    • Jukeboxjohnnie

      I know I’m stuck with them on the Leica M it’s a real pain..

    • Zaphod

      I had one before I could afford to have one. They are wonderful cameras.

    • Max

      As it is one of the most ideal focal lengths for street photography it makes sense, especially for a second camera that you can always keep close to you.

      • Spy Black

        “As it is one of the most ideal focal lengths for street photography…”

        Again, it depends on how you shoot, and what you happen to come across to shoot. Definitely doesn’t work for me, but as I said, it works for some. For street photography I’ve been through a Fuji E900, Canon S110, Sony RX100 III, Nikon 1 J4, and now a Panasonic GM5. There’s no way in hell I would’ve gotten more than half the images I’ve shot if I didn’t have variable focal length optics and/or interchangeable lenses on those cameras.

        For instance, coming home one night I caught a moon rising as I was strolling home. I happened to have my 30-110 N1 lens for my J4 in my pocket and nabbed this. If I would’ve had a 35mm equivalent lens only, this would’ve been very distant (I was around 80mm equivalent):

        • Max

          It’s funny, I’m almost the opposite. When I put on the 16-80 I feel distracted and lose shots, but when I go out with the 35 I’m focussed and enjoy myself much better.

          • Azmodan

            I feel the same about my 500 f/4, I lose myself in the moment when the big gun is out.

          • Max

            Yes just compose with what you have and forget about.’how I could have shot this differently with another lens/zoom etc`

        • Mike

          Single focal length, for me, in a camera like this would be to replace my iPhone as a snap shot device. I don’t need it to be better ornclose to my DSLR, just better than my iPhone with manual controls.

    • kbb

      I’d like to see them make a 35mm and 18mm versions in addition to the 23mm version. If the original X100(or any of the follow on models) had had an 18mm, I’d have bought it long ago. I hate to admit it, but 23mm is the single most useful FL on APSC.

  • photoviking

    The F is for Final. The X200 will follow it.

    • BdV

      Somebody said that somebody said the S = second, T = third, F = fourth. Let’s see what happens with the fifth.

      • Max

        I thought the s is interchangeable lens and the t has a fixed lens and that’s about the only difference

        • BdV

          All of the x100 models have the same fixed 23mm f2 lens.

      • Mike

        I said that. A Fuji rep told me this. I’m sure it gets complicated after ‘F’ourth. :-). Maybe that’s when they kill the X100 line or create the X200 and start over.

      • Musouka

        Convert to Roman numerals and go all MGS on us 😉

  • jmb2560

    I want my Xe-3!

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Hasn’t Fuji repeatedly said the X100 line was done and there were no plans to revive it? And if they put a 24mp sensor in there with those ridiculous RAW file sizes, I’ll pass…. My 36MP uncompressed NEF raw files are smaller than the RAW files from my 16mp X100T…

    • Max

      Curious: how’s the DR and noise performance of the X100T? At say, iso200 and 2000 ?

  • jprandt

    LEAVE SHUTTER X_SYNC !!!!!!!!!!

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