Canon patent for a lens with two mounts (reversed lens)

Canon has a new patent for a lens with two mounts (one on each end) - you can basically reverse the lens and use it for macro photography (this is currently possible with the use of macro reverse adapters). Canon's patent indicates that the lens will have electronic connectors on both ends for aperture and auto focus control (something you cannot do with an adapter).

Via Egami/Japan Patent Platform

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  • Wilson

    That’s interesting, they show this concept in the Slo-Mo guys video about waxing hair, to get a macro shot he unscrews the lens and just holds it backwards in place over the mount of the ridiculously expensive phantom but it works! I can’t see Canon ever actually producing something like this because it would look bad and that won’t sell in consumer photography

    • Jukeboxjohnnie

      I’d buy it!

      • Wilson

        I agree that pursuing new types of technology is exciting, sometimes even with novelty ideas you get something that sticks and finds its place somewhere unexpected. Someone was on here the other day and told me about the new Lytro cinema cameras, the first item Lytro made was a toy, the second was in a weird purgatory having a professional level price and form but low grade results and now they are more or less going all out making monster cinema cameras where they can go wild with costs because it offers a unique professional quality type of image that nothing else can create.

    • Jukeboxjohnnie

      It’s something new which we haven’t had before, sure it will sell

    • jojo

      Mostly agree with your last sentence, although some sort of bayonet mount cover ring could overcome the looks problem. The extra costs would seem to rule this patent out for any general purpose consumer lens. I wonder if they could use it for a new macro lens design? (say, ∞ to 1:1, and then reverse for 1:1 to 2:1 magnification?)

      [Incidentally, Novoflex produce a 2 part EOS reverse adapter that maintains all the electrical contacts between lens and camera via an external lead]

    • Michal Rosa

      How much do you want to bet on it? Serious offers only

  • Heinz Richter

    This is nothing new. Rollei did this already 50 years ago with the Rolleiflex SL 66.

    • johnny

      True. They just want to copy the electronic contacts to the other side.

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