Irix 11mm f/4 lens price revealed

A Czech store has listed the new Irix 11mm f/4 lenses for sale on their website with the following prices:

  • Irix 11mm f/4 Firefly: 14,289 CZK (without tax) or around 520 EUR ($550)
  • Irix 11mm f/4 Blackstone: 19,579 CZK (without tax) or around 720 EUR ($760)

For comparison, the Irix 15mm f/2.4 lenses were priced 475 EUR for the Firefly and 700 EUR for the Blackstone version.

Irix lenses are now sold also on Amazon US (via third party resellers).

Irix is expected to announce a new 45mm f/1.4 lens, Irix ILA-FE2EF adapter for Sony and new line of Irix Edge filters.

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  • Jeffry De Meyer

    That is cheaper than I thought it was going to be

    • johnny

      True. More reasonable than so-called Meyer-Optik-Görlitz.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        Meyer-Optik-Görlitz. so stupid people start taking it seriously.

  • Mistral75

    fotoSkoda’s prices are the following (21% VAT included):

    – Irix 15mm f/2.4: 12,990 CZK for the Firefly version and 18,890 CZK for the Blackstone version

    – irix 11mm f/4: 17,290 CZK for the Firefly version and 23,960 CZK for the Blackstone version.

    Considering the price of the 15mm f/2.4 in the Euro zone, €475 for the Firefly version and €695 for the Blackstone version, this would lead to the following prices for the 11mm f/4: €635 for the Firefly version and €965 for the Blackstone version.

  • WillWeaverRVA

    That’s actually a really competitive price for a UWA prime. Might be worth looking into this…

  • Spy Black

    So perhaps around $500 even in the ‘States.

  • jmb2560

    Blackstone version costs $825 and the Firefly $595

  • William Cason

    What’s the difference between blackstone and firefly??

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