The Sony Alpha a77II camera is not discontinued yet

A small note to our readers: just because B&H listed the Sony a77II camera & battery grip combo as "no longer available", it does not mean that the camera is now discontinued and a replacement is coming soon. You can still buy the a77II today in multiple configurations in different stores:

Update: B&H confirmed that the Sony Alpha a77II camera is not discontinued yet.

The Sony Alpha a77II camera was announced on May 1st, 2014 and so far I have not seen any credible rumors about an imminent replacement.

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  • animalsbybarry

    I believe it is discontinued but still in stock

    • Sony will not discontinue a camera if all stores have it still in stock. Never. Which is why I did this post.

      • abortabort

        What are you talking about? Products gear discontinued all the time while being in stock, still discontinued. I mean look at the Lytro for goodness sake, totally discontinued, still ‘in stock’.

        Stock levels and product statuses are not linked. If B&H say it’s discontinued, it’s most likely discontinued.

        • We are not talking about Lytro here if you haven’t noticed.

          • abortabort

            I have actually, thanks. The point is, products are not listed as discontinued until you can’t buy them anymore (both discontinued by the manufacturer AND out of stock). If a particular item is still in stock, whether it is discontinued or not, will show a status of ‘in stock’.

            How are people this dense that they don’t get this. It is NEVER going to show a status of ‘in stock – discontinued’ or ‘discontinued’. Get it now? So items that have already sold out, move to a status of discontinued. Ones that are still in stock have a status of ‘in stock’.

          • Max Lim

            You guys seem to be debated the use of the word “discontinued” from how a vendor uses it and how a manufacture uses it. Aside from B&H, a lot of online places may sue “no longer available”.

            I have worked with vendors who use the term “out of stock” regularly on sites for items that have officially been discontinued by the manufacture.

            I’m not sure why everyone is getting all uppity over semantics.

          • abortabort

            Because ever since this story broke here and on other sites, numpties like many of those above, keep going ‘no, it can’t be discontinued, because I can still buy it!’.


          • Chris Sprinkle

            Seriously dude, the only thing mentioned as discontinued was the body / grip combo. The camera is still available.

          • abortabort

            OMFG! People really this thick? They aren’t going to mark something they have in stock as discontinued, get it? Because then people wouldn’t be able to buy their remaining stock… how is that so f-ing hard for people to get?

          • this is exactly why the camera is not discontinued, you said it yourself – and this is exactly what I said in my post, not sure why you are still arguing your nonsense

          • abortabort

            So ‘in stock’ means ‘not discontinued’? Please refer back to Lytro. A product is discontinued by a manufacturer, its when they stop making it and distributing it to the global supply chain. It has nothing to do with whether a retailer has some sitting on their shelves or not.

            The nonsense you are spouting, is the same as me saying ‘well the retailer near me still has a dusty old X-E1 sitting on the shelf, there that camera is definitely NOT discontinued’. Really? Really?

            Please don’t reply until you actually get it.

          • exactly, but don’t waste your time – he won’t get it, he came here to troll

          • Franklin Berryman

            You’re the one that said: “Sony will not discontinue a camera if ALL stores have it still in stock.” (capitalization added for emphasis)

        • B&H confirmed that the Sony Alpha a77II camera is not discontinued. End of story.

  • Franklin Berryman

    So, since you haven’t heard any credible rumors, it can’t possibly be true?

    • We are talking about two different things here: one is the camera being discontinued, the second is a potential replacement. Make sense?

      • abortabort

        Six months ago you would have damned it as being discontinued because A-Mount is dead and that Sony are (finally) quietly discontinuing the line.

        Have you got over the ‘there is no A99 II’ ordeal or something?

        • I am not sure I understand your comment and how it relates to this post, unless you are just trolling.

          • abortabort

            It relates to the whole way you present the article, rather than claiming ‘it’s not yet discontinued’ and ‘I have no reliable information on a replacement yet’, you would have claimed it as a ‘further sign of the end of A-Mount’.

            It’s ok to admit you were wrong too you know?

          • I did not say one word in my article about the end of the A-mount. Why are you putting words in my mouth?

          • abortabort

            It’s not putting words in your mouth, these are things you have said previously, being repeated back to you.

            Did you not claim that A-Mount was dead? Did you not claim there was DEFINITELY no A99 II coming?

          • Again, my point is that I did say that over 6 months ago and it has nothing to do with my current post. Anyway, you are free to believe anything you want, I shared my opinion and will not change it and discuss if further.

          • abortabort

            You have changed it though. It has everything to do with your current post, sorry but you have a footprint, feel free to try and ignore it, but it’s still there. I know you just ban users who disagree with you, so go ahead, you don’t seem like someone of much substance.

          • I ban trolls and I will continue to do so. Maybe you are one of them? Maybe I banned you once and you are coming back for a revenge now. This is a typical troll bahavior.

          • abortabort

            You troll Sony and A-Mount (and their users), so maybe let’s call us even?

          • Max Lim


            Troljoking aside, my take away was that this particular combo (A77II w/ the battery grip) is off Sony’s offical catalog, but that the camera is still in production. the A77II still shows on Sony’s website ( Sony.Jp and the US/North America sites still show the A77II in it’s product lineup).

  • MonkeySpanner

    Wth – why on gods green earth would they replace this thing? I think the SLTs were DOA when mirrorless arrived in a big way.

    • abortabort

      Oh yes, we have an expert here, come look everyone, a bonafide expert.

      • MonkeySpanner

        I am sorry you purchased a POS. You butthurt is visceral.

        • abortabort

          Yeah, it’s all those ‘better’ cameras out there because morons can’t get over one little detail and actually see the benefit.

          • MonkeySpanner

            I am sorry the world isn’t responding to your product the way you think it should. SLTs have not sold as well as Sony’s e-mount products. So, great product or not – Sony is here to make money, not make a product YOU like.

          • abortabort

            What?! You’re the one who was saying they shouldn’t make one, I’m sure you’ve said it before with your incredibly feeble level of cognitive function. But they do actually keep making them, because guess what? I guess they make them money?

            PS – I don’t own any SLT cameras currently, however the A99 II is a certainly interesting prospect.

          • MonkeySpanner

            The internet is a weird place. Weak and broken people come here to feel some power and insult other people. Have a nice day.

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