New Pentax KP DSLR camera rumored to be announced next month at the CP+ show

There is a good chance that Ricoh will soon announce a new Pentax KP DSLR camera:

  • The first report from is suggesting that Pentax/Ricoh will announce a new DSLR next month at the CP+ show in Japan.
  • The second report is from a new Pentax KP DSLR camera was registered at the Indonesian telecommunication agency. The camera will have a built-in Wi-Fi and/or a GPS module and it will be manufactured in the Philippines.

Update: some additional information on the Pentax KP is available here and here.

Via PentaxRumors

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  • Barbu Mateescu
    The brand image endorser will be Rocco Siffredi 😉

  • Zos Xavius

    K3 replacement?? 🙂

    • Sounds like it.

    • Mistral75

      It could be a K-3 II replacement, making an obvious reference to the sixtieth anniversary of the original Asahi Pentax (AP) from 1957, the first Japanese SLR with pentaprism (and rapid-wind lever), it being remembered that the AP’s fiftieth anniversary was celebrated in 2007 by the ‘AP 50th Aniv.’ prototype camera based on the K10D.

      Or it could be a reference to the highly successful P30 from the mid-eighties, in which case it would be an entry-to-mid level camera, the equivalent to K500 and K-S1 under a different skin.

  • Mistral75

    …and the ‘Wide-Angle Single Focus Lens‘ on the Pentax K-Mount D FA lens roadmap, supposed to be the first among the five lenses on this roadmap to be launched, is a 24mm. It will be announced together with Pentax KP and is represented below.

  • Zos Xavius


  • Laud Farter

    And it’ll be called the KY-Jl-e; watch for the lube splatter on the shutter, though.

  • 1741

    Mirrorless k mount with a film era motordrive type battery grip !!!

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