Sample photos from the new Sony FE 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS lens

Here are a few sample photos from the new Sony FE 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS lens that was announced yesterday (source):


Update - high resolution sample photos:

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  • Wilson

    I don’t know Sony’s acronyms but is this similar to Nikon’s defocus control?

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      No, sony just uses an extra lens that has a clear center and an “opaque” edge.
      Nikon moves the focal elements.

      has a pretty good explenation

    • Eddy Kamera

      Not the same. Nikon approach is based on optical formula, while Sony STF is merely a radial, graduated ND filter. You can DIY this effect if you want to. The closer this filter to the aperture diaphragm, the better.

    • Elvin Tan

      You lose 1-2 stops of light with a STF filter. (I believe this lens is rated at T/5.6…) and AFAIK, you lose phase detection AF too.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Hello I’m jpeg at quality level 1

  • Eric Calabros

    Someone tell these models life is short, don’t think too much about your background, be happy.

  • RC Jenkins

    “Here are some pictures…”
    …taken in 4-bit color.


  • J-Man

    Thanks for the higher resolution pics, much better than the super low Rez gifs, IQ seems decent enough, and sharp enough for most uses.

  • Paco Ignacio
  • Esstee

    I really like the OOF transitions in the portrait shots, but the highlight bokeh doesn’t work for me whatsoever. – I wouldn’t buy this lens personally

  • Zainb

    There is a site dedicated to the old A mount 135mm STF with a lot of info about STF

  • Originaru

    I don’t know if its me but the flower photos bokeh looks so processed and still have sharp thin circular edge, not exactly what i was hopping for.

  • Originaru

    What happened to my comment?

    • it should be there

      • Originaru

        I posted a comment with one of the linked photos, it has gone for evaluation, i guess because of the link and never came back

        • I see it now – weird because I did not get a notification. Anyway, it is approved now. Sorry about that.

  • Brennan McKissick

    Wow, it looks like Apple is really nailing down their portrait mode algorithm. Wait, this is a Sony. Eww, this looks like gaussian blur. Do not want.

  • Adam

    I was going to say, the bokeh on this photo is UGLY like they sharpened it massively.

  • MB

    I wonder why they even bother adding aperture, just shoot it wide open … it is 5.6 portrait lens after all …

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