2018 Fuji X-mount lens roadmap

Fuji released a new roadmap which shows the just announced 18-55 T/2.9 cinema lens (more info available here) and two new X-mount lenses scheduled for 2018:

  • Ultra wide angle zoom lens (probably a new XF 8-16mm lens)
  • Telephoto prime lens (probably a new XF 200mm f/2 lens)

From the press release:

Telephoto Prime Lens and Ultra-Wide Angle Zoom Lens for Still Images

Fujifilm has continued to expand its lineup of X Mount lenses to include a wide range of focal lengths, from wide angle to ultra-telephoto. To further expand, there are now plans to develop a telephoto prime lens and an ultra-wide angle zoom lens in response to the growing needs of professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

Fujifilm will continue to expand the lineup of X Series digital cameras and lenses to meet the wide range of needs from still photography to video recording.

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  • jojo

    I came so close to ditching Nikon and moving fully to Fuji X; I’m glad I didn’t now!
    Seems they’ve dropped the f1 standard lens as well.

  • James Brickwood

    No 18mm replacement? Such a shame.. Their current offering is a dog of a lens

  • sly

    such a poor road map for X. Fast prime lenses seems to be out of the scope now.
    I have to re-think my Nikon gear selling road map.

  • Chaitanya

    I was considering Fuji X system when they showed 120mm Macro lens, but since that lens has been dropped I will keep shooting on Canon.

  • pyktures

    GFX development took all their budget for X line 🙂

  • Steve Matko

    They should have released a 300mm f4 tele lens by now that works with the 1.4x extender. And the Tele Extenders need to come down in price. Outside of the kit they are ridiculous expensive. Also agree the 120mm Macro would have made sense.

  • Aldel

    I hope that it will be a 300mm or more, with F/D of 4 or less.
    With a reasonnable price, of course 😉

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