Ricoh is developing a new Pentax D FA 50mm f/1.4 lens

Ricoh is developing a new Pentax D FA 50mm f/1.4 lens. Here is what we know so far:

  • The new lens will be on display at the 2017 CP+ show in Japan that starts this Thursday
  • Full frame DSLR lens in K-mount
  • Tentative product name: D FA ★ 50 mm f/1.4 (high performance "Star lens" high resolution, high contrast)
  • Price: TBD
  • Release date: TBD

Via PentaxRumors

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  • Aekn

    I was hoping for something a bit more ambitious on the FF prime lens front from Ricoh. Let’s hope this isn’t everything, though I suspect it may be.

  • JGoodard

    Ricoh, let’s update some of those older DA* lens and introduce some new primes as well. I’m looking at acquiring the KP as my ltd. lens only camera, but your next aps-c flagship is going to be in dire need of some new glass.

  • Prosumer is alright by me

    Awesome! An update on the FA 50mm f/1.4 is overdue. Hopefully they put in a peppier autofocus motor than they did in the DA 55mm f/1.4. I wonder if this spells the end of the FA 50mm f/1.4, or merely grants another 50mm option in the Pentax lineup?

  • Spy Black

    Looks suspiciously like a repackaged Sigma 50mm Art.

    • tornwald

      My thoughts also. I would rather see Ricoh/Pentax introduce some ultra high grade lenses with great microcontrast instead of super sharp, fast lenses. (if this indeed appears to be more like a repackaged Sigma Art lens) If they are f2.8 or slower is fine with me.
      For the 645 lineup I would love to see this happen even more.

      • pyktures

        What about the limited 31, 43 and 77?

        • tornwald

          Good point. The limited lenses you mention are perfect in terms of size and build quality. Although optically very good, I would like to see a lens lineup that is on par with the best that Zeiss has to offer. Both Pentax and Ricoh have proven in the past that they can build this kind of quality.
          A lineup with compact, metal lenses f2.8 – f4 super high quality for both K-Mount and the 645 lineup would make Pentax camera’s so much more interesting for professionals who seek high optical quality. Right now, this is Pentax’ mayor weak point imo.

          • pyktures

            I think, with the “new” “gigantic” 50 1.4, Pentax could very well attempt to cater to the people who want edge-to-edge full CA-less primes at f1.4 just like the Sigma ART people.

    • WillWeaverRVA

      It does, but at the same time I find it interesting the engraved lens name does not mention SDM or the like (the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art is a HSM lens). The rebadges they’ve done of Tamron lenses are “SDM” lenses (probably Tamron’s USD).

    • TinusVerdino

      It doesn’t Different Dimensions but probably about the same size and weight.

      • Spy Black

        It’s identical enough, it can easily be a repackaged Sigma.

        • TinusVerdino

          It’s not. Sigma doesn’t do that. And Ricoh doesn’t either. All star lenses are made and designed by Pentax.

          • Daedbird

            Umm, the DA* 16-50 was a joint project with Tokina, and it’s not like they didn’t go to Tamron for the first zoom for the K1. While I doubt Sigma would build for another maker, maybe they don’t want to open up their Art lenses to the K mount, concerned with carrying the mount dock, and offering to change the lensmount for K users….

          • TinusVerdino

            The DA* zooms were a joint project with Tokina. Most of them were Pentax designs. Pentax holds the patents. It seems the deal with Tokina was more about Hoya connections than a true full coöperation.

            No star lenses are rebadged lenses. The 24-70 and 15-30 are not star lenses because Tamron makes them.

          • Spy Black

            Well, it may not be a Sigma, but most lenses are not designed by Pentax.

          • Aiki76

            In the current lineup, I remember just 3 K-mount lenses not designad by Pentax, and also in past they were just few, from collaborations mainly withvTokina. I’m sorry but your statement is wrong

          • Spy Black

            In the currant lineup they only have three new lenses, and they’re made by third parties.

          • Aiki76

            Eh??? The current full frame lens lineup has 15 lens (plus 2 compatible), and just 2 of them are made by third party. Considering also the APS-C lens, the number increases to 41 lens, 3 of those are third party….. Stop trolling please

          • Spy Black

            I’m not talking about lenses that have been in the line up for a while, I’m talking new.

          • Aiki76

            concerning the first lens specifically developed for the K1 (15-30, 24-70, 70-200, 28-105, 150-450), 2 on 5 are third party (not 3 on 3….). Others will come

          • David Carman

            HD Pentax-D FA 15-30mm F2.8 ED SDM WR (TAMRON)
            HD Pentax-D FA 24-70mm F2.8 ED SDM WR (TAMRON)
            HD Pentax-D FA 28-105mm F3.5-5.6 ED DC WR (PENTAX)
            HD Pentax-D FA* 70-200mm F2.8 ED DC AW (PENTAX)
            HD Pentax-D FA 150-450mm F4.5-5.6 ED DC AW (PENTAX)

            Coming Soon
            D FA★ 50mm F1.4 (PENTAX)
            D FA★ 85mm F1.4 (PENTAX)

  • Chaitanya

    I have couple of old pentax MF primes which I use for macro work now a days. Compared to the 50mm f1.4 lens that I have this looks huge nearly the size of Otus/Sigma Art 50mm lens.

  • Ivan Kutsarov

    Wow another oversized 50 1.4. I’m so excited.

    • pyktures

      They are going after “sharpness” to match their new K1. DXO lovers will claim Pentax isn’t relevant if there’s no lens for it.

      • Athanasius Kirchner

        I don’t think Pentax users should worry about it by this point. The race is pretty much run, and Ricoh has settled for being a niche player.
        But I suspect that the Pentax userbase would welcome far more a prime in the Limited spirit, or at least a more compact solution. It’s also a position that hardly needed filling (there’s the 55mm, the 43mm, and a bunch of older FA 50’s, plus the Sigmas). A 35mm f/1.4 would’ve made the fanbase ecstatic, methinks.

        • pyktures

          I totally agree with you. Any Pentax user seeking premium IQ should look no further than Limited FA primes.

          I think this decision was probably made for the sake of marketing the “image” of the brand to the mainstream audience as in a:
          – Strong showcase of trinity zooms (check)
          – Strong showcase of premium DXO-chart topping CA-less OTUS-sized primes (next step)

    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      Why buy a lens rated at f/1.4 if it isn’t good at f/1.4 and needs to be stopped down to f/4.0 or f/5.6 to be sharp?

  • aurele

    Looks like a revamp of the Da*55

  • WillWeaverRVA

    The FA 50 1.4 is not a great lens compared to the FA 50 1.7 (sharper but rare) and the DA 55 1.4 (faster AF but expensive). I’m glad to see Pentax revamping it.

  • ZMWT

    The age of petite FA limiteds is gone. For that sort of lightweight photography, one uses crop cameras today, and the FF is used today in same manner as MF was used 20+ years ago. So, expect nothing but premium, heavy lenses for the FF.

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