Canon rumored to announce a new Canon EF-S wide angle prime lens on April 5

While Nikon is still hibernating, Canon is rumored to announce a new EF-S wide angle prime lens on April 5th. The exact focal length is not known yet - stay tuned for additional information (via CanonRumors).

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  • David

    Wow. In a way, I’m really surprised at Nikon now. The Big Two seemed to go a good job of following what the other was doing, and now another lens that Nikon doesn’t seem to have an answer for.

    • Markintosh_x

      Nikon seems to have a tough time now:( As Canon shooter, I hope they will find their way soon, because Canon needs a healthy competition to keep progressing.

    • Christopher J. May

      Another lens that Nikon doesn’t seem to have an answer for? It’s not announced yet and even the rumor here doesn’t list what the focal length and aperture will be! It’s hard to have answers for things that don’t exist!

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan on Nikon’s lack of DX lenses but it’s just silly to sit here criticizing them for failure to respond to something that doesn’t even formally exist yet…

      • David

        It almost doesn’t matter what the focal length and aperture are. Since Canon already has the 24mm f/2.8 we can be all but certain that the lens will be at least a 17mm lens if not wider. As Nikon has literally nothing that fits anything 28mm equivalent or wider, criticism seems warranted. Again, the issue is message. Nikon has announced five new lenses this year, and simply adding, “By the way, DX is getting some special love!” would go a long way towards satisfying many customers.

  • Like Thom Hogan says: “(buzz, buzz)”! LoL
    I’ve moved on to FX but Canon seems to be more interested in keeping their crop clients happy than Nikon.

    • DavidInVan

      The list of people that started on crop and moved to FF is much longer than the one of people who started on FF. The easier they make it to get into their system, the more people are already invested when they change formats.

  • AYWY

    The “Nikon/Canon is releasing a new lens while the other is ignorant” thing is a myth. They both have lenses that the other does not have.

    Off the top of my head – Nikon still updated their short macro lenses for FX and DX with modern optics. Something i find very helpful for food photography. Canon has stopped production of their 80s era 50mm 1:2 macro. The only short macro they have now is the 28mm ef-m.

    Nikon also has a DX 85mm micro with VR – no equivalent on Canon.

    Though for intents and purposes Nikon is in a very bad market and biz position. Go on for another year and they could decline the way Asahi did.

    • David

      Nikon DOES have the DX VR macro…which I don’t care about. I DO care about a decent wide-angle prime.

  • saywhatuwill

    24mm f/1.2?

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