The Holga 120N medium format film camera is coming back

From Freestyle Photographic Supplies - the Holga 120N medium format film camera is coming back:

"The original Holga 120N camera is coming back! We have found a factory that obtained the old molds that we thought to be destroyed and this camera is available once again! What was thought to be gone forever is back, pre-order today for delivery in early June.

The Holga camera was initially introduced to the Chinese public in 1982 as an inexpensive camera for everyday use. Shortly after its introduction, it became an underground artistic phenomena. Using the Holga is an exercise in breaking free from dependence on technology, precision and controllability. The slight softness of the images, vignetting and random light leaks produce dream-like, one-of-a kind images.The Holga's simple lens lends to images that display vignetting,light leaks and other distortions that have lead to the cult following of the Holga camera.

The Holga 120N is modeled after the original Holga released in 1982. The latest resurgence of toy cameras stems from the love of the classic black utilitarian camera."

Holga 120N medium format film camera features (see product listing):

  • Uses 120 medium format film
  • 2 film masks for either 12- 6x6 cm images or 16- 6x4.5cm images
  • Normal shutter setting 1/100 of a second and bulb shutter setting
  • 2 aperture settings, f/11 for sunny, f/8 for cloudy
  • Hot shoe adapter
  • Standard Tripod Mount
  • Lens cap and strap

Via Thephoblographer

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  • Wilson

    Look out Hasselblad and Fuji, player 3 has entered the game in the compact MF game lol

    • nwcs

      Lomo already has a similar thing. But if you look at a Fuji GA645zi you’ll see something close to that X1D.

      • Wilson

        That is interesting, that makes a bit more sense judging from the year it was released, what I don’t understand with this Holga release is who would actually shoot with it and then proceed to pay for the ridiculously expensive MF film development. I can see the appeal of adding it to a collection however, it is a cool unit.

        • nwcs

          As an occasional use item it might make sense. Slake the desire for medium format results at far less cost.

        • Skepticboy

          I would recommend looking at the work of various Holga photographers then you’ll understand

  • animalsbybarry

    Why ????

    • Mistral75

      Why not?

    • nwcs

      Competition for Lomo and to make money, why else?

  • Christopher J. May

    “Slight softness?” Whoever wrote that press release must not have ever shot with one. Not saying that the Holga is bad – there has been some truly remarkable work done with Holgas – just that there’s nothing remotely sharp about the images.

    • Frank

      and let hope that it stays that way.

    • Vitor Silva

      I have one that is really sharp in the center.

  • Frank

    What a fun camera to use. If you’ve never tried one, get one.

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