Nikon announcement next week: new D7500 DSLR camera expected

Next week, on Aprill 11 or the 12th, Nikon will announce at least one new camera - the Nikon D7500 which will replace the current D7200 model. Here are the rumored specifications:

  • 20MP sensor from the Nikon D500
  • ISO range: 100 - 51,200
  • 4K video
  • 51 points AF
  • 8 fps
  • Tilt screen
  • SnapBridge

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Picture source: Nokishita

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  • WillWeaverRVA

    This could actually be good for sports, if it does have the D500’s sensor and that fast burst rate. It’s not a 7D II but 8 fps is fine for sports.

    • Adam Sanford

      Now that the D500 sells directly in the 7D2 market slot, this new offering is aimed 100% at the Canon 80D. 8 fps + 4K + 51 AF + tilty-flippy should be competitive.

  • peevee

    Going down in resolution? 20 when competitors and their own low end has 24? I don’t believe it! Not that it would be bad, it is just so unlikely…
    D500 is in different market, for pros who would not mind slightly lower number of megapixels for high frame rate and low pixel noise at high ISO (large number of pixels are useless at high ISO anyway).

    • Mike

      No one would ever notice a difference of 4mp either on screen or in print. 2mp in either direction is so neglible it’s not even staticistically relevant. 24 vs 20 is marketing hype. What you would notice is an improvement in acuity and high ISO. This is like a car maker having the balls to make car with less power, but better handling, which actualy makes it faster overall. 24 to 20 mp will actually improve things. And if someone truely needs high mp, then there are plenty of options from several manufacturers.

      • Adam Sanford

        You are talking logically. Stop that. 🙂

        Resolution remains the #1 metric consumers (and this is a consumer camera) use to rate/peg cameras versus each other. Going down in resolution will hurt sales, period.

        In fact, I don’t know if a sequel / Mk II / next version in an existing SLR line has *ever* gone down in resolution. I can’t think of a single example.

        • Mike

          True. The value has gotten better. D700->D750, D3x->D800/e/810 as high mp sensors mature.

      • Zos Xavius

        There isn’t even a huge gulf between a 16mp sensor and a 24mp sensor. Most apsc lenses are struggling at 24mp. Especially zooms. Even 16mp is roughly 36mp when you increase the sensor size to full frame and keep the same pixel pitch and look at how the d810/k1/a7r all easily outresolve a lot of quality FF lenses.

        • Mike

          True. The new lenses are being made to resolve 50mp. I have the new 105 1.4 and I get the feeling it’s not working hard on a D810 it’s that good. My 58 1.4 is not great on 36mp, but it’s sublime on the D750.

          • Zos Xavius

            I feel like 50mp is probably where FF really maxes out. We are already seeing apsc hit into diffraction at 24mp. Eventually sensors will just outresolve lenses and in a way it’s always been like that since even film. It’s not a bad thing. The downsides of Bayer will quickly be irrelevant. If you really need resolution medium format is the way to go anyways.

          • Zos Xavius

            Yeah many of my apsc lenses look better on 16mp vs 24mp. 24mp apsc is a torture test on sharpness. You need pretty good glass to get the most out of it.

      • peevee

        People will notice it on specs on Amazon, and in BestBuy display. That is what matters.
        And 20% is not that small. Linear is about 10%, right on the perception threshold. And of course cropping.

        • Mike

          In that regard then, 4K video will have more appeal than 1080 to Amazon buyers. Heck flagship Nikon and Canon DSLR’s are “only” 20mp. And the Sony a7sII…. 12mp no one wants to buy that. Lol

          • peevee

            “Heck flagship Nikon and Canon DSLR’s are “only” 20mp. ”

            Flagship Nikon and Canon DSLRs are like semi trucks vs cars, they have no appeal and almost no influence what consumers actually want.

    • longzoom

      Especially if Samsung introduced its fantastic 28 MP APS-C sensor 5 years ago, on its beloved NX1…

  • TinusVerdino

    Also touch this screen I’d imagine since they have it on the D5600 and D500

  • godafoss

    Nice specs and it’ll be interesting to see other than the 2fps what it loses in comparison to the D500. The ISO is more realistic as the D500 can’t be used above 51200 and that’s being very generous; the ISO 1.6 million is a ludicrous attention seeking headline to con the gullible.

  • damn imagine they make this a video camera instead in a super 35mm . ooh.

  • ZMWT

    So why is this camera required when Nikon has half a dozen other DSLRs in production? Is this industry indeed running out of its brains?

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