Two years later: Samsung is done with digital cameras

Mirrorless NX prototypes from Samsung promotional video

Samsung is done with digital cameras - this report comes from a Samsung official who spoke on condition of anonymity:

"We no longer produce and sell digital cameras. But we will create a new camera product category to continue the business.”

In the past two years, there have been multiple reports that Samsung is done with their camera division, but there was never an official confirmation from the company.

In case someone is still wondering: no, Nikon did not buy Samsung's camera division.

Via Ubergizmo

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  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    And what will that “new camera product category” be?

    • smartphones?

    • Christopher J. May

      Possibly a multi lens/sensor system a la Light L16? The wording makes it seem like a new way of thinking about imaging. That’s something that would integrate well with their phone technology, too.

    • Thom Hogan

      They’ve got a lot of good lenses that, with a mount change, could be sold today. With an E mount the A6xxx users would go crazy for a few of them. With an X mount, the Fujifilm users would also be happy.

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        So sad to see all that go down the drain. Their 11-22mm UWA was selling for about $200 through their repair and service channels, and all of their great pancakes were about $100 each, some of them were spectacularly sharp and highly regarded. All of them are long gone from the shelves, and are actually now being sold used for more than retail on ebay. They had actually learned their optics alchemy from Schneider, and they were way better learners than Sony have been off of Zeiss, at least until the advent of the GM glass.

        • Spy Black

          Even as a dead system, if the gear is available in fire sales, it would make for a neat backup or alternative system for as long as it survives.

    • ZMWT

      They went for a mount. I know it sounds unorthodox, but it was their big mistake. They should go in the realm of large sensor, fixed-lens cameras, innovate there. Impose as a supplement to system cameras, which people want to buy *regardless of system they already have*. In short, do Leica X, XU, Leica Q, RX1, Ricoh GR sort of thing, but innovate more, add great software, social-share, quick download, static disk, big storage, etc. all nice and easy. Or Hassy-like MF, with a fixed lens. Samsung had all what was needed, software potential and all, but went totally wrong direction. Too bad.

  • SGG

    So sad, they just nailed it with the NX-1 and didn’t even wait to get the laurels….

    • Zos Xavius

      The nx1 offered nothing anybody wanted though really. OK it had good video, but so does m43 and a lot of other options that are very well supported by third parties. Its flange was too long to adapt many lenses too so there is one mirrorless advantage gone. IQ was ahead of the curve at the time but nothing amazing really. That combined with limited lens options and a murky future sealed its fate before it ever hit the stores. In short it was DOA.

      • Marco –

        You said it right. It’s still the best apsc camera but nobody really cared.

  • Uri Raz

    Well, Sigma cameras were never a success (there are maybe two shops in Israel that sell those), and the market is shrinking.

    • you mean Samsung, right – some people swear by them, I have never used one

  • fanboy fagz

    how is it done if they say
    ” But we will create a new camera product category to continue the business.”

    …to continue the business

    • Christopher

      360 deg cam?

      • fanboy fagz

        could be commodore christopher

  • TinusVerdino

    “But we will create a new camera product category to continue the business”

    Like what? All these new camera categories are saturating real quick because they appeal to only a certain niche.

    • peevee

      Maybe it is new TO THEM. Like drone camera or concealed/spy camera or police body camera or all kinds of surveillance cameras which cities install several per every corner and soon will be several on every light post. How can anybody ignore these obviously large and profitable markets?

  • Aekn

    Samsung, soon Panasonic, and likely Sony not to long from now. If you don’t like being abandoned by your camera company, DON’T choose an electronics giant. They don’t care about anything other than their core.

  • nikon should have bought them.

    • I am not sure what can Nikon gain from buying Samsung.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        A bleeding edge image processor

    • nwcs

      They never were for sale.

    • MonkeySpanner

      Nikon can’t even make their own stuff profitable.

  • Mr Majestyk

    Cowards plain and simple. I remember an interview with Samsung head of cameras about 4 years ago saying how they planned to be #1 camera maker in a few short years and would produce FF eventually. After it became apparent they weren’t making any inroads they chose the gutless option to cut and run. Weren’t preparted for a long hard road ahead.

    Well at least it was them and not one of the established players that have put in a lot of hard work and still fight the good fight despite the trying conditions and fierce competiton.

    • nwcs

      The market is dramatically different from 4 years ago. They likely made the smartest move.

  • If their cameras are anything like their computer monitors and especially AFTER SALES REPAIR SERVICE good riddance to bad rubbish

  • Larry Zapata

    A crying shame!! I still haven’t found a replacement for the NX1. The closest is the a6500 but it’s a piece of shit by comparison blown highlights, rolling shutter up the ass, and shit battery life, and the over heating. Fujifilm XT2, BUT the 15 min recording limit unless you get the battery grip. Oh and the Canon 5D mk 4 what a piece of shit!!!! Maybe the industry will catch up with Samsung in 2018!!

  • Nuke Dchat

    “We no longer produce and sell digital cameras. But we will create a new camera product category to continue the business.”

    So what are they saying? If they are done with cameras then why create a new camera product category? It seems the one comment conflicts with the other.

  • Zaphod

    I must admit while I didn’t buy a Samsung camera, those cube cameras in that photo have intrigued me since I first saw it years ago.

    • J-Man

      That retro camera leaning on the one cube camera was high on my want list, but they never had the guts to release it.

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