Sony RX1R III camera rumors: improved operations, 4k video, updated EVF

Some additional information on the rumored Sony RX1R III camera - some of the improvements will include:

  • Better operations (I hope this means a better menu system)
  • 4k video recording capabilities
  • Improved EVF

Sony will have a press event on April 23rd at the 2017 NAB show, but I am not sure if the new RX1R II will be announced then.

After the recent $600 price drop, the current Sony RX1R II model is slowly running out of stock at some major US retailers:

  • Adorama: in stock
  • Amazon: only 3 left in stock (more on the way).
  • B&H: out of stock (more on the Way)

Tha original RX1 was announced in September 2012, the RX1R II was introduced in October 2015.

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  • I am actually excited to see the new RX1. I could care less for other Sony cameras, but the RX1 is special. I would have never sold my RX1 if Sony improved the AF with a firmware update like they did for pretty much any other camera model at that time.

  • Yes, I hope Sony will not go crazy with the pricing and keep it around $3000, but I doubt it will happen. The RX1 has aways been their high-tech, high-margin model, so we should not expect miracles.

    • Zos Xavius

      I know one thing: I wish I justify affording one. 😉

      • for me it would work only if I sell my Leica Q….have to think about it after they announce it

  • Tony Bologna

    I’ll be the first to admit that while i could afford this type of camera i probably will never be able to personally justify it. That said i have a lot more respect for Sony in producing it and hope they are wildly successful. Why Nikon has continued to ignore this niche (i don’t consider the Coolpix A an honest attempt) is beyond me.

    It would be interesting if they would add:

    A permanent thumb rest (not a add-on $250 accessory)
    Built-in IS (either optical or IBIS)
    Always available VF (vs pop-up, but probably trivial)

    Obviously these infringe on the size factor (but by how much?) but probably not a whole lot on the profit factor

    • There were rumors about image stabilization, but I have not received any info on that.

  • Crow7

    Any changes to the battery?

  • peevee

    “After the recent $600 price drop”

    There was no $600 drop. It never has been $3899 as in the fraudulent ad you see.

  • Ande Notos

    Explain these cameras to me, who buys them? Honest question.

    • Yitzchal

      They are amazing for compact, walk-around photography…. They beat DSLRs such as the D810 or Canon 5dsr in native dynamic range and image quality (at least according to DXOMark scores).

      • Ande Notos

        But the difference is probably tiny, and they are so expensive, and have so few uses. I mean, a fixed prime lens compact that costs that much? I don’t care what kind of image quality you can get out of it, it just doesn’t worth the price. What are you going to do with them, print 10 square meter posters of streets?

        I wonder how many of these cameras they sell. They seem to be targeted at the Leica market.

        • davestavros

          I bought a mint used rx1 for about $1000 and it is the only camera I took on a recent trip to Cuba. It’s amazing. You can take pictures in the dark with virtually no noise, the lens is a full frame zeiss 35mm f/2 (which you can’t get on any of the smaller sensor compacts) and it has a virtually silent leaf shutter. If you want to take a wider angle picture then you turn it to manual and take several pictures and stitch them.

          What you gain is portability and subtlety. People don’t act normally around DSLRs and thieves steal them. The RX1 looks like a regular Sony compact to 90% of the population so you get much more authentic pictures.

          • Ande Notos

            Yes but it was 1000$. People apparently buy them new for 3000$. I don’t get it.

          • frankjenson

            To understand that you would have to look at some aspect of your own life where you spend a lot of money when most of your friends are spending very little for the same thing. You would have your own personal reasons for spending that money on whatever it is, right? Same with the RX1 camera. People have their personal reasons. I own an RX1 and I have my reasons based on minimalism, simplicity, and quality, and carry-ability.

          • Ande Notos

            It’s an awful value. Unless you have a LOT of money. Ok, I guess if I had enough money to buy 5 of these I’d probably would buy it. It’s not that it’s useless, but its price and its very limited range seems absurd to me. Sort of like Leicas.

          • Martin Stablish

            Actually a Leica M may have a limited useable focal range of 28-90mm (10-135 is possible) but in its optimum range of 28-50mm it cannot be matched. There is simply nothing else out there like it. If you appreciate what it can do, it is perfect. The RX1 is impressive too if you want to keep it simple, ie one camera, one lens. A 35 or 50mm lens is simply classic and is all anyone needs for most photography. A window finder, a rangefinder and a camera controlled by aperture, focus, ISO and shutter is just perfect. Again, nobody but Leica offers this tool. Fuji get close, but have too many menus. Sony, Canon, Nikon, all of them have turned photography into a tech nightmare.
            I know Leicas are pricey but I would never drop 5000 bucks on a Canikon. A Leica M is the only digital camera that doesn’t piss me off as it is a photographic tool that keeps its technology on the inside, instead of getting in your way.
            Ever tried one?

        • Matt Comerford

          This is definitely not a camera for you.

          • Ande Notos

            Oh I know that. I just don’t know who it’s for, other than the Leica crowd.

    • frankjenson

      It’s a minimalist, high tech, high quality, jacket pocket camera. People drawn to those qualities, and to whom the cost isn’t a problem, buy them. I love my RX1. I’ll get the RX1 iii, if and when it comes out.

  • CN

    They need to dump the pop up view finder and put the flash back in.

  • Yitzchal

    Love the RX1r! Bring it on Sony!

  • Ookii

    Well it hasn’t come out and no other rumors.
    Has anyone heard anything?
    About the rx1r3 or should I just buy the old version? ;-(

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