The day after: hands-on videos of the new Sony a9 mirrorless camera

Several hands-on videos of the new Sony a9 mirrorless camera ($4,499) were published online in the past 24 hours:

Via SonyAddict, photo credit: Camerasize

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  • animalsbybarry

    The Canon blogs are totally pretending this camera does not exist ( sort of like they did when the A7Rii first came out)

    • Les

      Canon Rumors has it on the front page, in their Industry News section. The article has plenty of comments (5 pages now). Doesn’t seem like they are ignoring it.

  • EcoR1

    Hilarious cherry picking for the article image. Comparing mostly ages old optical designs for the modern equivalents. Oranges and apples.

    • It’s a fact – you can take it anyway you want

      • Ayoul

        Yes, my D750 is also bigger than my father’s Canon AE1 Program 😉

      • Samuel

        Of course it’s a fact but it’s still cherry picking.

    • Steven Thomas

      I think the article image is a perfect demonstration of what is wrong with Sony cameras..
      Unlike Nikon and Canon, looking down at the camera you have no idea of what your settings are.. what apeture you are at, shutter speed.. focus mode..

      • Zos Xavius

        for 4500!

        • BP2012

          Price is ridiculous, but not so much as Canon’s and Nikon’s.

          • Zos Xavius

            Its still ridiculous. The body is no better built than an A7.

      • pyktures

        well… u flip up the screen? 😀

      • abortabort

        Pretty sure that’s an aperture ring on that Sony lens, those dials on the left: focus and drive modes. Is a little LCD that is asleep anyway until you press a button really that much better? Pretty sure the LCD on the back can face upwards too, if you really have anxiety about it.

      • BP2012

        Everything is there in a viewfinder..including histogram. LCD is also more useful during shooting than Nikon or Canon.

    • Jesse

      Well actually the Canon 35Lii is newer than the 35mm sitting on the Sony body so… what?

  • Zainb
  • That high fps with no black out is kind of insane to look at. And this is only their first action oriented FE camera! Makes me very excited for where cameras will go in the years to come.

  • Esstee

    RIP Nikon

  • Jesse

    Well I mean they tweeted a link to the article on their page a day before you posted your comment…

    • animalsbybarry

      I do not read tweets so am unaware of them
      I simply looked at thier articles
      Post a link I will look at it

  • zakuII

    How is Sony Pro Support compared to Canon CPS?

    • decentrist


  • Mike

    This a9 is interesting. It crosses borders on what it competes with from other makers. On paper, 20fps competes with the D5/1Dx. And for a couple thousand less. But sans big lenses. But for a wedding or PJ stills shooter…. it’s a couple thousand more than a D750 or 5DIII/IV. It’s in the same price neighbourhood as a D810/5Ds but under resolved. It doesn’t have the same weather sealing as Canon or Nikon. It doesn’t have the same battery longevity. The lenses are just as big and same or more expensive than the equivalent from Nikon or Canon.

    So who does this appeal to? The a7II user? For sure. But it’s more than double the price to add a stacked sensor and second card slot and improved ergonomics and menu and 4K.

    Sony has become cozy in their market now. This is the same company that threw a piece of 24mp a900 pasta at the wall for $2500 to see if it stuck when Nikon brought the D3x for $8000. They bought their market and now are bringing out overpriced products because they have no competitor. APS-C mirrorless market is flooded. Medium format mirrorless has two competing brands. FF mirrorless has no competitor. (I’m not counting boutique rangefinders here).

    FF (good) 4k? Only Canon has that. Whether you’re using a 1Dx or a C series, you’re spending north of $8G.

    It’s like Sony has attacked the weak point of every maker and model and vomited up the a9.

    The comparison graphic should be the deal breaker for most people who hold a camera longer than 2 hours a day. Specs aside, Canon and Nikon take the shooting experience into consideration. I just have to look at a Sony camera and my hand cramps up.

    Great tech. No argument there. The bar has been raised and it will certainly make the others think. And competition is a good thing. But this a9 is a bit of a Frankenstein.

    • Depends on what type of sports you are shooting. Football and soccer require longer lenses, but less so for sports like basketball and hockey where a 24-70 and 70-200 are the go to lenses. Sony has also done a great job of building up their lens line up and there will undoubtedly be more and longer lenses to come for those who need them.

      For a wedding or PJ work, the ability to shoot with a silent shutter (along with the other benefits like an EVF, in body stabilization, and better video capabilities) might entice those shooters.

      And while you may not think you’d like the ergonomics from looking at the camera, there are many photographers who long for the days when serious cameras didn’t have to be four lb bricks. One of the things mentioned was that pro film SLRs often weren’t the gigantic cameras that they became with the transition into digital. Plenty of world famous photographs were taken on professional Nikons like the F3 that were about the size of the Sony cameras. I doubt McCurry was complaining that his FM2 was too small when he shot that famous Afghan Girl photo.

      • Mike

        More than weight, it’s balance. Steve MCcurry shot the Afghan girl with a 105 2.5 that is much lighter and smaller than a Sigma 35 Art. It was also manual focus. A D5 balances just as well with a 105 1.4 as a FM2 does with a 105 2.5. Now, stick a 105 1.4 on a FM2 and it’s a different story. That’s closer to the ergonomics of a Sony a7/a9 with their modern lenses.

      • decentrist

        Don’t, not even for one second compare an FM2 to a Sony A9…in any context! That is egregious! Now turn toward Japan,bow slowly with profound respect, and repent.

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