The latest US camera and lens rebates from Tamron, Olympus, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Sigma, Fuji and Panasonic


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  • A. F.O.

    anyone can expland me why there aren’t these rebates all over europe?…I see some cashback in Nikon’s UK website but nothing more…nothing in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany… why this rebates occur only in US?

    • Maybe because of the high value of the dollar? The Japanese companies are making extra cash because of the exchange rate and decided to give something back.

      • A. F.O.

        well, Peter, i’ve seen in the last 2 years these same rebates….in the US and allmost none in Europe. I think the Nikon USA has diferent ways of treating their costumers and they are only one company…here in Europe it seems quite diferent: in uk they’ve got some cashback in france none, in the netherland’s i do not know….in Portugal (and Spain I guess) it’s zeros and more zeros…nothing…only price increases…


      Because the higher operational cost. Higher taxes, higher mandatory wages suppress business activities.

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