Rumored Canon EOS 6D Mark II camera specifications

Here is an updated list of rumored Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR camera specifications:

  • 26mp CMOS Sensor
  • DPAF
  • DIGIC 7
  • 1080P 60p (sadly, no 4K)
  • 45pt AF (We’re not sure if they’re all cross-type)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • 3″ Vari-Angle LCD
  • Touchscreen
  • Approx 100% viewfinder
  • HDR Movie
  • Time Lapse Movie
  • A slightly taller and deeper body over the current EOS 6D.
  • New battery grip BG-E21
  • Announcement expected on June 29, 2017, shipping to start in early August
  • Price: $1999 body only USD

Via CanonRumors

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  • Eno

    If it will utilizes the newer Canon sensor tech (with 13,5 DR stops), will have the 80D AF system and 1/8000 shutter speed will be a nice photo camera.

    Unfortunately typically Canon (and not a big surprise here), the video side is nothing to speak of. 🙁

    • Eric Calabros

      The video side is enough for most of their target users: nice color, nice AF.

      • Eno

        That’s your opinion, IMO it’s useless without a good 4K!

      • abortabort

        Will that be true in 4 years time? Where the 6D II will still be ‘current’ with its 1080p and there will be mirrorless with 6K and 8K, RAW, compressed RAW etc.

  • Bart Ney

    Looks cool

    • Ivan Kutsarov

      What’s cool about it?

    • Ushanas Trivedi

      Ya, cool because it’s not hot at all.

  • TinusVerdino

    The 6D was introduced at $2100. This one $2500?

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      and €3300 or so in europe

      • So true. I’ve gotten used that the poorer standing USD (1 EUR gets you ~1.11 USD) for some reason equals in the same number EUR. But lately, the price EUR exceeds the USD one by quite a bit. I was dumbfounded when I saw the DJI Spark launched for 499 USD (~446.55 EUR) and in Europe for 599 EUR (669.35 USD). Dafuq.

        • Jeffry De Meyer

          in soviet europe VAT has to be included in the displayed prices and is pretty much everywhere about ~20%
          And for some reason they managed to make it so stores don’t dare defy manufacturer suggested pricing.

        • Ric of The LBC

          add 10% for sales tax in The Peoples Republic of California.

          • Doesn’t it say ‘Tax:Included’. Neways, still, 10% versus a 33% mark-up, you’re still off easy. So, for us Europeans it’s actually cheaper to order it from the US, do the official import declaration, pay the 20% + ~10 bucks (logistics/administrative costs)… or if very lucky, flies under the radar: no extra costs at all.

    • paige4o4

      They want to compete against the D750 and A7III (when it eventually comes out). The original 6D was pitted against the D600 (and neither of those sold very well).

  • Mr Majestyk

    Whether or not 4K is needed, to not include it in a 2017 camera is suicide. It’s the perception that Canon just cripple cameras for the sake of it that hurts them most, because it’s still true. They’d get a lot more respect if they stopped this inane crippling. You can get 4K in cameras costing 1/3rd the price, and it’s not like the digic 7 can’t handle it.. Given how bad Canon’s 1080p video is, you need 4K to produce decent 1080p anyway.

    If the price is $2500 that’s also very arrogant. D760 will blow this out of the water in every facet I suspect, and be cheaper.

    • paige4o4

      I think there is a little bit of wiggle room. If they gave it 1800p video with zero crop, that could work. For those who need 4K, it wouldn’t steal sales from the C200 or 5D4, but it’s still a big step up from straight 1080p video. In post, you could downsample for sharp 1080p footage or do digital pan/zoom effect.

      Sure, it’d be worse than Nikon or Sony on specs (assuming this competes with A7iii and D760), but for some reason that’s never stopped canon from selling a boatload of cameras before.

  • Ivan Kutsarov

    So no IBIS no 4K good luck Canon.

    • 1741

      They don’t need any luck, they’ll sell loads of them, 4K and ibis are for the minority not the majority

      • Ivan Kutsarov

        That’s no longer true. Time has changed it’s not 2009 anymore. Lot’s of great options around.

        Also probably 1/4000 and no electronic shutter.


        • 1741

          it will sell very well, they’ll sell more of these than the 5d and certainly not D O A, you obviously think the top selling camera company would launch a camera that wouldn’t sell !!! Canon knows far more about their customers than you do, THE END

          • Unfortunately these will indeed sell like hotcakes.
            Because everyone and their neighbour’s cat shoots and recommends Canon. People just don’t know any better. This game can’t go on forever, but it can for a little longer apparently.

          • Les

            People don’t know any better?

            You mean better like cameras that overheat, need 5 firmware updates before they do what they claim (barely), have unusable menus, tiny batteries, etc?

            In my experience, Canon FF DSLRs just work, day-in day-out, for years on end. So do Nikon DSLRs, BTW, but their focusing rings turn the wrong way…

            Nothing wrong with a simple, high-quality tool that doesn’t get in one’s way.

          • Oh, I hate Sony for the same reasons, you’re preaching to the choir. They don’t make any sense to me, especially that APS-C line-up… like, they make a small expensive camera with all the issues you mentioned, overheating, rolling shutter, also no frontfacing screen or one where touch is well-implemented and perhaps the biggest fail: putting focus on the camera body for a compact system, when the thing that makes a system compact is the lens options… and concerning that Sony’s given up on that, haven’t been developing consumer grade APS-C lenses for a good 3 years now. So yeah, won’t be getting one of those anytime soon. I do have a Nikon D5300 and I love ehst they’re able to pull offa the sensor, just hate the whole DSLR approach, I prefer mirrorless. Alternatively there’s the APS-C Fuji system, but they fail to get with times and forget about tradition… like bring us sensor stabilization already and give it a (frontfacing) touchscreen. Nah, those of us who like compact systems and nice cameras MFT is what really offers a lot. A lot of choice as well, like there’s tons of camera body choices with all kinds of budgets. Same for compact optics. I wish someone did something like the E-M1 Mark II or GH5, which have like everything you could wish for in a camera, with an APS-C sensor… but we’re not there quite yet. Also… yeah, if you don’t mind the DSLR systems, I really digg Nikons otherwise, Canon sorta only have the color science and the Dualpixel AF going for them. And also with medium format getting more entry level, it gets harder to justify these silly expensive cameras. Yet, again… people will still buy ’em, because it’s good enough and just works. That’s nice for your mom, but you might want to push for a bit more…

          • raziel28

            I still use the α6000 and it serves me good. Battery is not an issue for me, because I frequently use an EOS 1N – and I have to change the film after every 36 frames… 😉

          • raziel28

            If someone is looking for modern camera with full mirrorless features but wants more robust body and good ergonomics α77 and α99 are good alternatives.
            I used an α99 II for several days, it was a great experience…

      • paige4o4

        Every modern smartphone shoots 4K. IBIS is arguable, since they also have IS lenses, but not having 4K in 2017 (nearly 2018) is a joke.

        At the very least they should give 1800p (easily implemented if you do 1:2 pixel skipping), so people can downsample for sharp 1080p, or have the option of doing a crop/zoom animation in post.

    • fanboy fagz

      yup..many wedding videogs shoot 6d would jump to this if it had 4k.
      many jumped to sony a7s2 from canon because of ibis

  • Spy Black

    “Approx 100% viewfinder”
    Light, yet filling…

    • Ric of The LBC

      Tastes great!

  • Spy Black

    Other than possibly being overpriced, at least this is a pretty functional modern camera compared to the present one. The D600 blows the present one away, spots and all.

    • abortabort

      Strongly disagree. D600/610 was / is an awful lump of awfulness. Excluding some base ISO DR advantage, the 6D was a much nicer ‘entry level’ DSLR.

      • Spy Black

        You never used a D600/610, did you?

        • abortabort

          Of course I have. I’ve also owned a Df, heavily based on the D600/610. BUT I’ve never been a rabid Nikon fanboy 😉

          Have you used a 6D?

          • Spy Black

            I doubt you’ve owed either one if you’re comparing a Df to a D600. Yes, I have used the 6D. It has a good sensor, but that’s about it. Works well in a studio or controlled environment however.

          • abortabort

            More AF points clustered too closely together and pathetic low light ability. Sure sounds WAY better. I have owned a Df, which is a D600 with a different shell and sensor (the Df sensor being better IMO, but many still like the 24MP Sony sensor). The build of the Df is better as well. But the same mirror mechanics, shutter, viewfinder, AF system, metering system.

          • Spy Black

            The D600 AF and metering is still overall better than the 6D, low light being the only plus on the 6D. As bottom of line models, there’s no denying the D600 is a more capable camera. It’s no contest. But again, this new model will be a very welcome update for Canon users. Time marches on, for both Canon and Nikon.

          • abortabort

            Well sorry to disagree, you clearly think your opinion is more valid. I personally think the 6D is a better ‘entry level’ FF DSLR with a better focus on what is more important for that market and is designed specifically for the market, rather than a parts-bin special.

          • Spy Black

            Just because the 6D has a low light one hit wonder advantage over the D600 doesn’t mean anything when you look at the big picture. The D600 is clearly a better equipped camera. What’s more important is what you’ve invested in, and if you’re a Canon user it doesn’t matter what’s a Nikon can do, and vice-versa. You work with what you have.

      • fanboy fagz

        I dont know about the 6d but the d600 is a garbage camera. shitty colors. grain is horrible. slow af. just garbage. worst purchase mistake.

        • abortabort

          6D feels nicer, with more usable AF system (IMO for the intended market), has a better viewfinder, better build quality, better screen etc. No it wasn’t a top end camera, but it was nicely designed for the market. It improved on the 5D in basically every way, while not trying to be a 5D III. Neither was perfect but hands down would take a 6D over D600.

          • fanboy fagz

            Im not comparing . I dont care really.

  • Larry Zapata

    I was looking at the 6D as the last hope for me STAYING on Canon. SONY HERE I RELUCTANTLY COME

    • fanboy fagz

      you are not the first. every wedding ive shot have a videog. many have moved to sony because of ibis. they use them with art lenses.a7s2 and many also use gh4/5

  • Non

    Peace people! Whatever suits everyone. Some people do not care about 4K, 100fps, EVF, 1000 focus points. Just go out and get what suits your style of photography or videography. It seems like a Ferrari person trying to convince a Range Rover owner that his car is faster, more cool and has better traction. It’s just irrelevant. Canon has proven repeatedly over many years that has a better feeling of what the market needs. And that is clearly reflected in their financial books. Yes, there is a decline in the market but they are still the strongest player.

  • Todd McKernan

    Well if these specs are true and there’s no 4K, looks like I’ll just wait for the new A7III and finally make the switch.

  • BVS

    You guys missed the fact that it only has one card slot.

    You can’t rake the D7500 over the coals and then let a $2,000 FF camera get away with it! 🙂

    • silmasan

      Well, there goes my appetite for a Canon FF body acquisition.. :-/

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