Another new cheap Chinese lens: Kamlan/SainSonic 50mm f/1.1

In addition to the 7Artisans/DJ-Optical lenses I reported last week, there is another new and cheap ($170) Chinese lens designed for APS-C cameras: Kamlan/SainSonic 50mm f/1.1. The lens is currently available for Sony E-mount and Canon EOS-M mounts. A Fuji version is going to be released soon. Additional information:

Here are two video reviews of the lens:

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  • TinusVerdino

    5 elements but too bad it’s just for mirrorless mounts. At least it doesn’t say meyer-optik on it too save us some money.

    • Niko PetrHead

      Do not despair: You may buy this lens as a true and authentic Meyer-Optik-Görlitz™, Badged in Germany®, for the amazing price of a few grands anytime soon (in a year or so)!

  • Judd Wood

    How did I manage to buy and sell a lens before it was even posted here? Got mine (Sony E-Mount) on ebay for $135, new. It’s tiny – 20-30% smaller than the Rokinon 50mm f1.2. Very good build quality. Optically it’s okay… decently sharp wide open, but actually doesn’t improve as much as one would hope when stopped down. For someone looking for a fast prime on a budget, I think it’s great. I decided to stick with the Rokinon because of its sharpness and color rendition, but it’s also nearly 3x the price.

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