Leica TL2 mirrorless camera rumors

Here are the rumored Leica TL2 mirrorless camera basic specifications:

  • Very similar to the T and TL design
  • No EVF
  • Very fast everything
  • The TL2 will most likely not have an EVF
  • New 24MP sensor
  • No flash
  • Max ISO: 50,000
  • 4K video
  • New customizable interface with more selections and options
  • The edges of the body are now smoother compared to the T and TL
  • The official announcement will be on or around July 10th
  • The Leica TL2 will use the same Visoflex as the M10
  • The CNC machining of the camera is slightly modified from the T/TL as the edges are chamfered to reduce the "normal-angle" sharp edging of the previous models. This chamfering stops about half an inch short of the hot-shoe from both sides.
  • Leica may announce a new lens for TL system
  • Price: around 2,000 EUR/USD/GBP

Like the new Leica TL2 Facebook page for a more detailed coverage.

Via LeicaRumors

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  • sickheadache

    24mp is the new canon’s 18mp. good grief…and is that an old staple machine from the 70’s clicking? Failure.

    • raziel28

      haha, canon has finally upgraded their sensors…

      24 is quite high number for the crop, so we should see 50+mp FF versions of that crops soon.

    • CHD

      Why would you ever want more then 24MP from an APS-C sensor???

      • sickheadache

        Since CHD said it should not be done….all camera manufacturers….PLEASE Do not attempt to go beyond 24mp….IT would not make sense.

        • Please everyone, do not attempt to have an opinion unless it aligns directly with sickheadache’s opinion. IT will be invalidated via sarcasm.

        • CHD

          Everybody knows only amateurs and old ladies with cats shoot APS-C….oh wait a minute….sickheadache should fit right in!

  • david

    Confirmed Rumor – I won’t be able to afford the blasted thing.

    • Yes, I am pretty sure the price of the TL2 will be higher then the T/TL.

    • Hubertus Bigend

      Neither will I – but then again, I wouldn’t really consider buying it even if the price was around what Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony ask for their cameras.

  • Gerard Roulssen

    “That sound will empty your bank account”

  • raziel28

    interesting, the tl is relatively new model…

  • RC Jenkins

    K.I.T.T.? Is that you…?

    Miss you, buddy.

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