C.P. Goerz Citograph 35mm f/8 “always-in-focus” lens officially launched on Kickstarter

The new C.P. Goerz Citograph 35mm f/8 "always-in-focus" lens I mentioned a few days ago is now officially launched on Kickstarter. The "always-in-focus" means that everything from 9 feet in front of them to infinity will be in focus.

Technical specs:

  • Focal length 35 mm
  • Magnification ratio 1:8
  • Optical construction 4 elements in 3 groups
  • Field of view +/- 31°
  • Distortion ≤ 1% Light loss max. 27 %
  • Focussing 3m bis ∞
  • Filter thread M 37 x 0,75
  • Dimensions Ø 58 mm x 23 mm
  • Weight ±. 120g
  • The lens will be available with mounts for: Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica M, Micro Four Thirds and Fuji
  • Sample photos from the lens can be found here
  • Price: $549 USD
  • Expected shipping: Spring 2018

Press release:

New Citograph 35mm ‘Always-in-Focus’ Lens will Revolutionize Street Photography

(Berlin) C.P. Goerz, a new German startup, announced a Kickstarter campaign today for the Citograph 35mm, a super-compact, always-in-focus tessar-type lens that may very well revolutionize street photography.

The Citograph 35 was designed specifically for capturing those fleeting, decisive moments that are gone in the flash of an eye. With no moving parts and 35mm focal length, the Citograph’s design is beautifully simple. The lens design includes a specially-coated “disc aperture” equivalent to f/8.

One of the thinnest lenses in the world, the Citiograph is so discreet it is virtually invisible on your camera and thin enough that it can slip into your pocket when detached.

The Citograph 35 will allow photographers to shoot from the hip knowing that everything from 9 feet in front of them to infinity will be in focus. The hyper-focal technology of the lens will allow photographers to take shots of fast moving subjects without a moment’s hesitation.

The lens is the passion project of Benedikt Hartmann, a 20-year veteran of the German camera industry. The idea was to develop a high quality, high resolution lens that was also easy to use. Hartmann is driven by the mission to make photography simple, while still delivering professional-quality results. Recently, Hartmann and a group of investors created C.P. Goerz to bring the idea to life.

“We want to take the photographer away from behind the viewfinder and allow him to live in the moment in the scene,” Hartmann said. “Shooting spontaneously and even from the hip delivers new perspectives and makes the photographer part of what is going on around him.”

The Kickstarter campaign will help raise the needed capital to bring the lens into production. To keep costs down, Hartmann has received proposals from qualified production facilities in Asia and southern Europe.

C.P. Goerz takes its name from one of the most renowned German lens makers of the early 20th Century. The original C.P. Goerz company worked closely with Zeiss and in 1926 merged with Zeiss Ikon. The Goerz spirit of innovation carries on with the Citograph.

The Citograph 35 will be available in mounts for Nikon, Canon, Sony E, Fuji, MFT, Pentax, Leica M. It is expected to go on the market in Spring 2018 with a retail price of $549 USD.


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  • Andrew Livelsberger

    Seems interesting and for the initial backer price seems pretty good. If I were to get one, it would be in a Nikon/Canon mount which could then be adapted to a mirrorless camera later.

    • FountainHead

      There’s one born every minute.

      • luan


      • Andrew Livelsberger

        Actually, the number born every minute is roughly 246, if we are talking world wide.

    • luan

      Oh, come on, are you serious? For the same amount of money I can have a Nikon 35mm 1.8, with aperture control and AF. All I would need to do is to stop down to f/8,

      • Andrew Livelsberger

        But it wouldn’t be the same size and we don’t know exactly how it will render. There are a lot more elements to something like this than initial specks. We should suspend judgement until we have a chance to test it out in the field.

  • Glen

    $549 is way too expensive for this. Even $249 sounds a bit overpriced.

  • Wilson

    This may just be the most overpriced item to ever be released..

    • Mike Gordon

      No kidding! Maybe they can pass on the crack pipe!

    • I’m thinking about dreaming up a lens and selling it for 999 myself now.
      Production costs… maybe around 25 bucks. It’s more or less the same C-mount crap you could buy on eBay or AliExpress. Just… I need to hipster it up a notch.

      I mean, it’s a proven concept, why would I not?

  • Where on the kickstarter page is the final price listed?

    • it’s in the press release

  • Zos Xavius

    For 549 they could have thrown in a damned focusing ring. A 28mm is a lot more effective as a zone focus lens set to 5-10ft and f8…..

    • It’s a Tessar, I believe 35mm is as wide as they’ll go…

  • Eno

    “Price: $549 USD”

    They must be kidding, right?

  • Man I am triggered by the price… I also wonder, will the Nikon fit lens have a ridge to index the AI tab to f/8? Or at least a chip? If not, say bye-bye to aperture-prio exposure…

    I’d ask on Kickstarter but I’d have to pay them $10 for the privilege of posting a comment….

    • Hubertus Bigend

      I’d expect the “Nikon version” to be for Nikon 1 mount, and the Canon version for EOS-M. I wouldn’t expect the lens to be available for anything but mirrorless mounts.

      • Man that would be a perfect topping to what’s looking like an enormous sh*t sandwich – but I do think it will be full frame for Canon and Nikon.

  • William Dyer

    So, a new version of “f8 and be there”, eh. Not at that price.

  • disqus_MvOgNkFtMQ

    I was interested but reading into it, I’ll pass.
    First lens of its type? Not even close. It’s now discontinued but Olympus had the same thing for years.

    Even at $200 this is on the high side let alone $550. Olympus sold theirs for $50.

    This appears like a “fly by the seat of your pants” kickstarter project as well. If you know anything about CNC process and lens design, this is about as simple to do. And there is clearly no unique lens rendering- just basic out of the box design.

    With a 12mth delivery date and the way it’s written, it’s clear they don’t have a full business plan on it. 50/50 that it will get delivered on.

  • NJP

    Do they mean actual focus or the “acceptably sharp” nonsense that goes along with hyperfocal distance calculation?

    • RC Jenkins

      “Actual focus” is always only at one (and only 1) precise distance. Any range has to use an ‘acceptably sharp’ definition.

  • Klaus-macht-Bilder

    It is on the market already – even wth a shift function — called “LOREO”

  • Eric Hill

    This is fucking retarded.

  • Elbert Jan Achterberg

    For those who are interested in this lens I have some prime Florida swamp land for sale

    • GMck

      I’ll take an acre! 😉

    • Sounds awesome. Where can I find the campaign?
      I’m a hipster and I like to get in on this, it sounds so fun!

      Also, the real reason I’m backing is because I secretly sorta have a thing for complaining, being loud and making myself important. So, if you could just take the money and throw in the towel, or atleast give it minimum effort, I’d really appreciate that.

  • RC Jenkins

    $549, despite no moving parts?

    Even a bit high for $200, but I think this lens is more for raising capital than anything.

    Someone probably said: ‘What’s the lowest cost product we can offer at the highest margin to raise funds & recover overhead of our business?’ and they came up with this. If this was truly for the function they described, they would have built in a lens cap switch–but that would have thinned margins.

    For $549, they’re seemingly essentially asking consumers to become investors with a guaranteed $0 return on investment.

    And they’re apparently targeting the most sophisticated investors: those without cell phones… 🙂

  • RC Jenkins

    I would be interested to see if / how they’re planning on sharing that design between DSLRs & mirrorless mounts that they listed (different flange distances). Their angle of view statements are irrelevant when comparing different sensor sizes.

    For full-frame DSLRs, they must have forgotten that this exists, with F/2, an aperture & focusing ring, and distance scale, for less money:
    (Voigtlander 40mm F/2):

    For APS-C DSLRs, there is also a similar 28mm F/2.8 that would provide a closer-to-35mm equivalent field of view than this ‘Citograph’

    Fuji (APS-C mirrorless) has this 27mm F/2.8:

    On micro four thirds, this is a tele / portrait lens. The Panasonic 20mm F/1.7 is the ‘normal’ 40mm lens. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81-GSj8st1L._SL1500_.jpg

    I don’t think there’s a tiny Sony full frame pancake close to this. But Sony APS-C has this: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61j5WiL1ggL._SL1200_.jpg

    Stop all of those down to F/8, set focus to hyperfocal distance, and put the camera in manual focus mode when in storage. Tape down the focusing ring if you’re scared it will move. Cheaper & much more versatile.

    Also, mobile phone cameras. So there’s that.

  • RC Jenkins

    “To keep costs down, Hartmann has received proposals from qualified production facilities in Asia and southern Europe.”

    …ultimately, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, and Versace agreed to allow use of their production facilities, getting the cost of this 4-element, F/8 lens with no moving parts down to $549.

  • Lightleak_101


  • MB

    I mean really … fix focus toy lens for 500$ … what this world is coming to …

  • animalsbybarry

    This lens will not “revolutionize” anything
    Any 35mm kens set at F8 and focused to the hyperfocal distance will yield the same results

  • Harry van Gastel

    Try a Canon pancake at a fraction of this. And believe it or not : it focuses even closer than this one.

  • Dave Stromberger

    Everything in focus, or “focus” ?

  • Strideo

    Um, I have a couple of lenses right now I could just set to f8 and focus to infinity to get the same result, one of them with even nearer in focus range at infinity too.

  • Love how hipsters jump on these sorta things.
    Like, if they want to get rid of their money, they could’ve just given it to me.

  • I have this lens, it’s one of my favorites!

  • I like how they say it’s inexpensive lol so definitely not true lol

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