45% of Leica Camera is up for sale

Reuters reports that Blackstone is in talks to sell their 45% stake in Leica Camera. Potential buyers are Zeiss, a few Asian companies and private equity funds:

Zeiss is potentially interested in Leica Camera, but would only agree to a deal if it was able to secure a majority stake, the sources said.

Potential buyers include other family investors, they said, adding that Asian optics groups and private equity funds had also shown interest.

Last year, Chinese investor CDH expressed interest in buying Blackstone's stake in Leica, but no deal materialized, one of the people said.

Reuters via LeicaRumors

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  • I hate takeovers … they seem to always wind up with the taken over company messed up …

    Zeiss is a great company but I would think there would be a lot of commonality between the two companies and therefore pretty intense layoffs likely.

    Does anyone have a controlling interest today?

    • The good part is that Dr. Kaufmann want to keep the majority stake for the long term.

    • abortabort

      Kaufmann family own the controlling interest.

  • Les

    Hopefully it’s not Zeiss, they would mess it up. Leica needs a hands-off investor who won’t try to re-make the company in their image.

    • abortabort

      That’s what this will be regardless. They won’t have a controlling stake.

  • Just Me

    How much? I just got some birthday money from my mother-in-law.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Is your mother in law jef bezos

  • Oz Baz

    Interesting news. Zeiss has owned most German camera companies over the years. Not sure why they would want to own part of Leica. However, zeiss is a survivor in this industry through focusing on their lenses and making hard nosed business decisions.

    • abortabort

      As are Leica.

      • Oz Baz

        True. Leica are basically the only German camera manufacturer left. Zeiss got it of the camera business in the early 1970s to focus on lenses. Leica has been a survivor and good luck to them

    • VCL van der Drift

      Maybe a patent they want to use. Most likely because the people that buy Leica want a camera and lens with character. Zeiss is building high quality lenses with the additional price tag. Maybe by buying Leica they could gain market share by selling more lenses in that direction. Leica has proven that they have a lot of customers that come with a big bag of money just to get that nostalgic feel and character.

  • I’m interested in owning a Leica at 45% of it’s retail price.

    • abortabort

      Buy a very slightly used one.

  • Ric of The LBC

    Take this to Shark Tank. Mr. Wonderful might.

  • Pancanikonpus


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