The latest Canon rumors

The latest Canon rumors:

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  • FountainHead

    Followed the link through on the Canon T-S rumour.
    Took me to a site caled ‘Canon Rumors’.

    On a scale of SAR to NR, how good a site is that?

    FWIW, he classifies the rumour as a ‘2’.

    • I trust what CanonRumors report – this is why I post their rumors here on a regular basis. I do not believe a word what SAR is reporting – that’s why I don’t cover their clickbait stories here. Otherwise trust me – I could get a lot of extra clicks by covering BS rumors but this would make me a hypocrite.

    • spam

      CanonRumors is probably the most reliable rumor site, with few if any completely ridiculous click bait rumors and fairly conservative ratings of the rumors. Of course, it’s still a rumor site and has it’s share of false rumors.

      • I agree, that’s why I use them as a source here.

        • spam

          Which of course also mean that I like Photo Rumors as another reliable site.

          • Yes, trust me – I can get a lot of extra clicks if I report every BS rumor available on the Internet.

  • CRB

    problem is….
    high end by 2018 Q4 has to be something awesome, and in between many other cameras may appear…chances are that will be as regular as the eos-m5..nothing to be excited about

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