The Canon EOS M10 mirrorless camera replacement will be called M100

In the next few days Canon will replace their current EOS M10 with a new "entry-level" mirrorless camera that will be called M100. The EOS M100 will be available in black and white and will have 9 different colored jackets (EH31-FJ). The M100 kit will come with an EF-M 15-45mm lens. Pictures and detailed specifications to follow soon.

Via Digicame-info

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  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Sounds like it’s gonna be really, really small: as the 100D/Rebel SL1 was the smallest DSLR ever, a M100 should thus be the smallest APS-C mirrorless ever, so looking forward to that.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Forgot about the qx1?

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        You add a screen to the QX-1 and suddenly it’s not that small anymore. That and Sony wishes you forgot about it too, ja ja!

    • etudiant

      Canon is probably thinking of this as the modern version of the Brownie, with new lenses the repeat sale item rather than film.

      Given the flexibility of camera sensor electronics, a fairly simple camera that just takes decent pictures makes good sense.

  • This is why Sony is kicking their butts. Canon and Nikon are so bound by the past, they can’t see the future is bearing down on them like a freight train.

    • Azmodan

      I think you’ll find it’s Canon kicking Sony butt all up and down the sales chart. Sony can’t even outsell Canon in mirrorless in Japan. Not every one just reads the spec sheet.

      • cloneroom

        I was a Canon User for years, After an emergency borrow of a Nikon D3 while OS on a job I have never looked back. No matter what we think of Sony Neither Nikon or Canon have been left in Sony’s dust when it comes to innovation. Sony and Fuji have paved the way for consumers to expect improvements from both Canon and Nikon.

    • Joey

      All of Canon’s mirrorless cameras are entry level, how disappointing.

      Still waiting for the G1X III, but Canon is looking rather discouraging these days.

      • sickheadache

        Yep Canon dumb down their mirrorless..Nikon said..What’s a Mirrorless. Sony says..u want menus..we got menus..and soft buttons.Sony says..U wanna fry an egg on our Camera..Go ahead…Fry that Egg. lol

        • Iris Cheran

          and Fuji says..we really meant business by stubbornly advocating mirror-less. Somehow its correct too.

  • RodneyKilo

    No built in viewfinder yet again?

    • jojo

      Neither built in nor add on for this model. This is very much the lowest of 3 levels in the Canon mirrorless hierarchy. Are you
      expecting features to match the M3/6 and M5 models? Canon may be settling on a middle of the road approach to mirrorless at present, but don’t judge the line by this model.

      • RodneyKilo

        Well, it’s not about what I expect or don’t expect, it’s about what Canon needs to do to stand out from the competition and get consumers to buy.
        At this point it’s about market share.

        • Andrei

          This is an entry level model. Which entry level mirrorless has a viewfinder? Fuji A10 or X-A3, Sony A5100?

          • RodneyKilo

            Exactly my point. Why should Canon do what everybody else does? How does that make them a stand-out?

            Heck, the Panasonic LF-1 COMPACT camera had a video viewfinder.

            The old G15 Series Canon’s had zooming optical viewfinders.

          • Andrei

            I agree with you and i think they should stand out indeed. But with the most entry level model i think there is a factor of cost too.
            The M6 would have been perfect with a built in viewfinder in the corner, like the Sony A6000 series. That would have made smaller than the M5, a perfect travel camera.
            I have an EOS M original and while it’s slow, i love the build quality, the size and the image quality too.

          • RodneyKilo

            Yes, it would increase cost to produce the item incrementally. How much, though? $35? I don’t know.
            Instead of designing to perceived market segment price points, and worrying about cannibalizing its own sales, why not be a market leader, force the other guys to also offer competitive features up and down the line?
            Sony did something similar when it first got into the digital consumer camera business (buying Konica-Minolta). It released DSLRs that had compelling feature line ups at very attractive price points, and made a mark for itself against the competition (Nikon, Canon). Sony has upped their prices in more recent years, but their game at first was to make their presence known through market share.
            Canon’s chance now to do that in Mirrorless Land, get it’s name known among the enthusiasts who remain skeptical.
            Cameras cost too much now, and have too little residual value. Canon needs to reintroduce the mass market success of their early full frame film Rebels, for example. If at all possible.

          • Andrei

            I think the last report about the increase of mirrorless sales by 70% for Canon is a good news and probably will push the development a bit.

  • Iris Cheran

    Even if they call it M1000000 i am not interested. I am drifting away from them after i smell a wholeshit of their lense system.

  • NigelC

    While you might feel that this is a worthless camera. This camera is probably part of canon’s strategy to widen it’s base and gain more mirror-less market share and maintain it’s dominance in the camera market; Make a cheaper camera that can entice the novice shooters and lock them into the Canon system.

    I can see that, with success, they might speed up the expansion of their EOS-M lens lineup.

  • Bred PItt

    Since I dont do film much Id stick to my iphone untill a full frame compact arrives for an affordable price. APS was a flopp from the analogue era, why go on and on with the same amateur consept?
    9 different colours feels as relevant for marketing as Konica POP, fokus on lasting quality instead of making money by changing models every 6 months and maby our kids will have some clean nature left too.
    These kind of cameras were born for dying as Metallica would have said.

    Saving up for a Leica and silly expensive, worlds absolutely best lenses. I hope Zeiss buys in and gives us a possibility to get a reasonable priced body without all the Milano designer crap involved.

    Got to say it again, shame on Kyocera for killing Contax. Imagen a fullchip T3 or a 645 digital today. I will never forgive Kyocera for ditching Contax…

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