Red partners with Leia to bring lightfield holographic smartphone to the consumer market

Red Digital Cinema and Leia Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Disruptive Lightfield Holographic Smartphone to the Consumer Market

MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Red Digital Cinema, the leading manufacturer of professional digital cinema cameras, and Leia Inc, the leading provider of lightfield holographic display solutions for mobile, announced today a long-term exclusive partnership to bring the world’s first lightfield “holographic” smartphone -- the HYDROGEN ONE -- into the hands of consumers in the first half of 2018.

The strategic partnership will leverage RED’s expertise in digital content creation and deep connections in the film industry as well as Leia’s proprietary lightfield display technology and software platform to disrupt the world of mobile entertainment. The Hydrogen program will feature stunning holographic content and 3D sound for movie viewing, interactive gaming, social messaging and mixed reality.

RED was founded by Jim Jannard, with a mission to disrupt the cinema industry. In 2007 it introduced the “RED ONE”, the first 4K digital camera that forever changed the way cinematographers shoot motion pictures. Today RED cameras have been widely embraced by Hollywood and endorsed by acclaimed directors David Fincher, Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson and Jim Cameron. Now Jannard is doing it all over again, building on RED’s brand, extensive image capture technology and industrial design expertise to launch a new consumer product.

Leia leverages recent breakthroughs in Nano-Photonic design and manufacturing to provide a complete lightfield “holographic” display solution for mobile devices, through proprietary hardware and software. The Silicon Valley firm commercializes LCD-based mobile screens able to synthesize lightfield holographic content while preserving the normal operation of the display.

“This is an incredible opportunity for both companies and a perfect marriage,” says Jim Jannard, Founder and Chairman of RED. “Leia brings a very special piece of technology that blends seamlessly with our vision of a ground-breaking and disruptive consumer product.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Jim and the RED team on the Hydrogen program,” says David Fattal, Leia Founder and CEO. “They have a bold vision and share our urge to disrupt the mobile industry with true innovation.”

“Jim has had a marked influence on our team,” adds Fattal. “He is an amazing inventor and designer with a unique flair to create global consumer brands. We could not have found a better partner to enter the consumer realm.”

RED has made a strategic investment in Leia, and Jannard will be joining the Leia board of directors.

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  • Tapper

    Leia? THE Princess Leia?! That’s pretty cool.

  • tyger11

    I definitely would not consider the RED Hydrogen One to be targeted at the ‘consumer’ market.

    • Originaru

      What market would it be then?

      • Spy Black

        Rich kids.

        • Originaru

          So they are not consumers? Hehehe!

      • 1741

        Most likely directors and producers, I think the screen tech can some how be used on sets, until it gets into reviewers hands we won’t really know what it capable of and if it’ll change the world

      • tyger11

        People who own RED products, which are generally video professionals. This is going to make the iPhone X look reasonably-priced. RED doesn’t make products for the mass market.

  • Cpk

    I’m not personally interested in this phone, but I’d be glad to know that “rich kids” and others will be. Pushing the envelope in a an ocean of smartphones that are 99% similar, is a good thing. May be one day the phone manufacturer of your choice will have holographic display just like this. Or better. Didn’t we all say the exact same thing about the first iPhone 10yrs ago?

  • Duncan Dimanche

    I believe there is a “c” missing in the Leica title 😉

    • This is what I said when I first saw the press release 🙂

      • Duncan Dimanche

        So it’s not ?! Haha I wasn’t trying to be smart ! Lol cool name

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