Sony press conference live stream

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  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    Sony reps need to watch few more Apple announcements 🙂

    pretty poor presentation – videos ok – and ok to present the big guys – but if the big guys are not good at presentations due to language or whatever – then just present them quick and have more capable folks handle the rest –

    RX100m4 truly an impressive bridge camera – but steep price – which I think will limit sales somewhat –
    Not everyone needs 24fps or super fast tracking for that extra money –
    but certainly a super nice all-around camera with nice video options and mic in and audio out –
    Will be interesting to see how Panasonic and Canon respond – Canon now has already put their Dual pixel design into a 1 inch sensor with the G5X which is coming soon – so G7X and G3X might follow – so the G3X is a competitor to the Sony RX100m4 as it is also a 24-600mm 1 inch sensor camera and a bit smaller – with full Touch – menu included – the Canon 5GX is reported to have 4K as well – so new G3X will for sure include 4k –
    there is about $800 price difference on the G3x and the RX100m4 – so Canon have a change to come with a less expensive competitor to the RX100m4 –
    Panasonic has their bridge camera with 1 inch sensor – that is less then $1000 – but like the RX100m3 it has a shorter focal range of 25-400mm –
    the real issue now for Panasonic is Tracking Focus – their DFD technology with their Contrast based sensors just does not match that of Sony’s Phase Detect sensor or Canons Dual Pixel tech – So it is a do or die time for Panasonic –
    They have resisted Phase Detect tech for a long time now – just like Fuji and Sony have resisted Touch LCD tech for a long time – but are now finally starting partially with LCD Touch –
    But seriously Panasonic needs to implement Phase Detect tech – or they will be left behind only to get out of camera business like Samsung –
    They have a fantastic camera in the GH5 for example – but tracking focus is a real real issue with filmmakers –

    Even Olympus has implemented Phase Detect –

    Panasonic owns half of the company that makes the sensor for the new Fantastic Nikon D850 – and it has Phase Detect as well as Back side Illumination –

    So they have access to the tech – or they can just continue to buy from Sony –
    For some reason I have this bad feeling that Panasonic will not implement Phase Detect in the next upcoming cameras – just like Canon finally now in late 2017 is coming out with 4k in their small cameras – so maybe we might see a Lumix GX9 and LX200 with Phase Detect in late 2018 or early 2019

    Panasonics AF-S or single shot is very very fast and impressive – and yes their DFD helps a bit in tracking objects – but nowhere near what Phase Detect or Dual Pixel can do –
    I predict that some will oft for the RX10m4 vs getting a GH5 for video work – although most hardcore video guys use Manual Focus so GH5 will still be a better option for them –

    Panasonic is sort of the bastard child of the mirrorless camera industry since Samsung left – It is Sony with the biggest attention followed by Fuji and then Olympus and them way behind Panasonic –

    Yet I think Panasonic in many ways lead in some areas – they have the best menu/touch implementation – their fantastic Post focus and 4k modes – no overheating issues with 4k even in the LX10 in a tiny body – etc etc –

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