Surprise: Sony RX10 IV camera announced

Today Sony surprised us again with a new Sony RX10 IV camera (of course there was no new A7III camera or any other new E-mount products announced today). The previous RX10 III version was introduced in March last year (2016). Sample photos from the IV version can be found here.

The US price of the RX10 IV is $1,698 (pre-orders will open in 2 days).

Here are the Sony RX10 IV camera highlights:

  • World’s Fastest AF Speed of 0.03 seconds, 24 fps Continuous Shooting with full AF/AE tracking
  • 315 focal-plane phase-detection AF points covering approx. 65% of the frame
  • ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* 24-600mm F2.4-F4 Large Aperture, High Magnification Zoom Lens
  • 4K Movie Recording with full pixel readout without pixel binning

Sony also expanded their Pro Support program.

Sony RX10 IV related videos:

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  • Originaru

    They tried the entire presentation to sell you that the camera has the 1700 value, they didn’t convince me, sadly.

    • no worries, version V is coming soon…. 🙂

      • Originaru


        • and it will be better than ever, until version VI comes 6 months later 🙂

          • A. F.O.

            Peter: are you ok, now?
            Keep up with the good work.

          • yes, all good, just no power

          • Zos Xavius

            Bummer. Hope you get back together soon. Glad you are ok.

  • Ruben Alonso

    1700$ for a 1″ camera… Go home Sony.

    • the next version will probably hit $2,000 🙂

    • A. F.O.

      That’s a lot of money for a “brick” camera with 1′ sensor…
      Doing the math: if 1′ sensor sony camera riches 1700$, we could say the next sony FF sensor (24x36mm) making 24fps will cost….12648$.
      not for me.

    • raziel28

      the price is quite high, however the good thing is that the older versions are still available…
      Don’t forget that those cameras have a very good video, so it is a good “hybrid” system…
      I prefer dlsr and milc, but i have seen some photographers who are using panasonic and sony bridge cameras with great success…

    • Joey

      And Sony will have no problem selling it as people will buy it.

      • This is the part I am not sure – I just don’t see how this will sell in large quantities.

      • jason

        I work for a retailer and we don’t sell many of the RX10 series. Too big for most people.

    • Pancanikonpus

      …….m43 selling for $2000…. Go where?

    • Jason Joyce

      Congrats you are 1%er! You obviously do not use 1″ cameras. 99% of people in the world have a display size of a tablet (9″) or smaller. The current Sony 1″ BSI sensors hold up well up to ISO3200 at this display size. 99% of the world also do not pixel peep.

      Think of the price it takes to build up m4/3 or APC 24-600mm and shoot 24fps (likely at least 10fps RAW) with PDAF from the A9. Just to gain ~one stop. $1700 is a bargain…

  • doge

    Seems like it’d be a pretty great camera for a parent with kids in sports.

    • Spy Black

      …or wildlife if the AF delivers.

  • Elbert Jan Achterberg

    1700 us$ is a lot of money, but don’t knock these 1″ camera’s for convenience. On our trip to Costa Rica I took 2 Dslr bodies and 5 lenses from 14-300 mm + 2 tc’s, About 12 kilogram of stuff and a Panasonic fz1000 for my Son to use. (25-400mm equivalent less than 1 kg). He took a lot of very nice images, sometimes stuff I couldn’t catch because I needed to change lenses, set up tripod, … yes, there is a clear quality difference, especially at 100% image scale and in low light etc. But for screen use most images from the Panasonic are fine. And the fun factor of just walkin around with one light camera that is so versatile is hard to beat.

    • Cpk

      Agree with the above. I had a FZ30 that I absolutely treasured (that only had 1/2.8″ sensor) but the weight, speed and convenience of all-in-one (bridge camera) cannot be contested. Although it can be at $1,700 😀

    • I agree, but the Panasonic FZ1000 is $700, the Sony is $1,700. I mean I am all for having more options and I am glad that Sony is pushing in areas nobody else is, I just wonder how many people will buy this model, especially when you know there will be a new version next year.

      • Spy Black

        The FZ2500 is really the camera to compare to this Sony, and it’s around $1200. So not as huge a difference, but certainly a significant one.

    • Joey

      Exactly…which is why this camera will sell with no problem.

  • MB
  • (of course there was no new A7III camera or any other new E-mount products announced today)

    HA! I know this refers to…

    • I mean seriously – this has been going on for a while, at what point you just say “I don’t know” instead of pretending to have info from a “trusted source”. This is no longer reporting rumors, this is just plain guessing – sooner or later they will get it right. I could have published the same crap and get a few extra clicks, but I decided not to. I was pretty sure this was all BS reporting.

  • Mike

    Is that a 600mm lens in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me? lol

  • Chaitanya

    SD slot is still UHS-I.

  • Stefano Oliverio

    they will sell 2 or 3 pieces of this camera…

  • Omar M.

    That’s a lotta camera.

    • A. F.O.

      The 24 fps is jpeg and not in the higher quality.

  • RamBam

    Is there any good alternative? Was thinking of the III but didn’t pull the trigger, fortunately. Also considered a6500, but there really isn’t a good combination of lenses to achieve the 24-600 range. All advice appreciated!

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