This is the upcoming GoPro HERO 6 Black camera

A reader sent me this picture of the upcoming GoPro HERO 6 Black camera. The new model will be very similar to the latest HERO 5 version (the new HERO 6 has a 12MP camera but with 4K60 video recording capabilities compared to 4K30 for the HERO 5). The official announcement (or release date) is rumored for September 28th.

Update: Additional information on the GoPro HERO 6 Black camera can be found here.

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  • Ember Green

    Are they doing another session? Less bulky?

    • On the picture it looks the same size as the Hero 6.

      • sdf0815

        All accessories from the 5 Black will fit on the 6 Black

        • That makes sense, thanks – so what else is upgraded/improved besides the 4K video?

          • EVOxdream

            i really hope, better mic controls and or locations… i would have kept the hero 5 but the sound is terrible on a gimbal/wind only setting 🙁

  • WTF, buy Gopro 5 last week. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkkkk.

    • sdf0815

      Tsupaman don’t worry. Hero 6 will cost min. 600 Euro (price in Europe) and so the hero 5 is still a good deal.

      BTW hero 6 will be only available in “black” and it will support fhd with 240 fps. Still missing the ability to stabilize in 4K

      Edit. And the the 5 black will be still in stock.

      • Espen Braathen

        720p in 480 FPS?

        Wonder if they use the new Sony sensor.

        • sdf0815

          Not Sure about this… my information was fhd240, 4K60, maybe 480 fps would be crazy

          • Espen Braathen

            There is/was speculation that the Hero6 should use the new Sony sensor which manages 1000 FPS. Now available in the Sony Experia phone.

            As for other features; An option for wireless bluetooth mic is certainly in order this time.

            Given the front of the box the updated feature set doesn’t seem to be that much. 4K60 and some updated color adjustements (as proclaimed by Woodman earlier this year) seems lacklustre.

          • EVOxdream

            bluetooth wireless mic eh? as much as i love the idea… thats another factor to speed up the battery drainage. not unless ofcourse, they beef up the batt capacity to mitigate such addition. i guess i could ride with that 🙂

          • Espen Braathen

            The Hero6 battery is the same as the Hero5. Capacity was stated in the FCC test papers.

            There has been dormant code for a wireless bluetooth mic connection in the firmware ever since the Hero4. The day to implement it in full has certainly come.

          • EVOxdream

            hehe this gets me excited. a superb video quality is one thing, but having a workable audio with it is a must by todays standard. (well, not to say hero 5s audio isnt workable… but with those whose got a w.gimbal, goodluck). thanks for the insights.

    • I guess you missed the rumors about the new GoPro I posted in July:

    • EVOxdream

      lol, return it. problem solved. however, if u bought it from a private seller, then…. goodluck man.

  • So they’re finally catching up to the YI 4K+.
    Yet at 3 times the price.

    I used to say ‘don’t go amature, GoPro’, because these cheap chinese action cams weren’t much evolved from keychain spycams. But these days, with each new iteration, GoPro kind of fails to up the image quality and holds back on true innovation. In meanwhile the competition doesn’t sleep and works hard to provide that next level. You can get your accessories from a brand like Telesin, probably getting the same quality (OEM?) products for way cheaper. Meanwhile I think the only benefit of a GoPro is Protune, which renders a little bit more chilled, little nicer color, dynamic range and not so overly digitally sharpened. Hero5 was the first GoPro to be waterproof without a housing as well, guess that’s the only reason I went and got one when I went skiing last winter.

    GoPro has gotten into bad weather. Their drone and gimbal were a bit of a fail. They’re still figuring out how to segment their line-up and what to give the people. And at which price. There’s more and more competition (from Sony etc as well, not just the Chinese market)… not sure if their future is looking bright if they keep this up.

    • AntiduotIsBack

      how was gimbal a fail ? why is it that apple (while being far away in innovation terms compared to gopro) is sucessful? Protune is amazing you’re right, so is the functionality of the camera, noone else offers voice commands, which is amazing, the design is great, now support for editing on phones for newbies. You can’t beat that. You buy cheap (chinese) you buy twice. Sony’s offerings are cool but the price is the same and the look is not so appealing. Although you are right when it comes to stabilisation they need to step up the game. Otherwise, gopro is solid.

      • Thom Hogan

        Solid doesn’t get many upgraders. And GoPro seems to have proven that there may be a ceiling to their market now. The question really is this: why do I upgrade? Because I already have a solid action camera.

        The gimbal isn’t exactly successful because it was late to a market where the Chinese had already locked in a lot of customers, and because many of GoPro’s users use the camera strapped to something. The Gimbal really should be a body mount.

  • Paul Riste

    got money saved up for gopro5…. do i wait for the 6 and hope its same price, or wait for 6 to be released and hope for a big price drop in the 5, as i won’t be going up past 1080 anyway????

  • EVOxdream

    yikes… if its real, my first impression is that its exactly like the gopro hero 5 with beefier internals… boy i hope they fixed the issue with the audio on this one. either they swap out the mic locations or allow us to adjust sensitivity for each mics. this alongside with most gimbals is the reason why i returned my 5 day old hero 5. i really wish woodman is right… that this product will be “bitchin” and that we’ll love it… otherwise, goodbye gopro stocks.

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