The best-rated cameras according to DxOMark

Last week DxOMark released the Nikon D850 DxOMark sensor test score and labeled the D850 as the "first DSLR to hit 100 points". There have been three more cameras in the past that scored above 100 (many websites described DxOMark's rating of 100 as a perfect score and it is not - it's just a number that can go above 100):

The RED Helium 8K camera got a 108 DxOMark sensor score (the RED Epic Dragon camera got 101):

The Pentax 645z scored 101 at DxOMark but the results were never officially published (nobody knows why):

Here is the current list of top rated cameras according to DxOMark (click for larger view):

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  • Hubertus Bigend

    And now let us remember that, above 8 MP, DxOMark doesn’t care for a sensor’s resolution.

  • Considering the price, I say the D850 is a steal… 🙂

  • fanboy fagz

    that D850 is really an amazing camera. ill wait till april to get mine so potential bugs are aired out. but consider for the price youre getting a lot. canons tactic of being stingy with features like the 6d2 was a big mistake. even canonites are flaming them.

    even I cant complain about nikons price on the camera.

    the only 3 things I dont like is no focus peaking at 4k and 120fps 1080p isnt exactly the highest IQ. and 2 different memory cards but what can you do.

    mRAW is fantastic and loses no detail vs full raw.
    9fps potentially
    I know many are looking at the high iso as a weak spot but you cant expect so many MP and that it behave like the D5.

    Like I said before, I would not shoot this past iso 6400 and most keep it at 3200 unless I had no choice. glass quality matters obviously

    any current camera can really cater to any areas of photography (ff) but with heavy limitations. this one has no critical limitations. portrait, studio, product (mf) , sports, landscape, wildlife, and weddings. it can do it all.

    you wont read this often from me, but bravo to nikon.
    (now get a 4k focus peaking firmware update please)

  • MB

    So … how come nobody is asking who makes RED sensors, I mean RED is as fabless as Nikon is so … it must be Sony right?

    • Yes, good question.

    • Chaitanya

      Dont think its Sony, many of RED sensors in past were Foveon sensors(not sure of current sensors).

    • Zainb

      Red’s raw are cooked though, so their dxomark score should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • akkual

    Is there a reason, why dxomark has skipped fuji since 2012 or so? GFX has the same sensor as Pentax 645Z, and I’d think the xtrans sensors should do good.

    • harvey

      yes, you would think that after two years, the new GFX should score better than the 645z.

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