DxO One camera for Android OS announced

Last month I reported about the rumored DxO One camera for Android OS. Today DxO announced "Early Access Program for Android" - here are the details:

DxO seeks out Android users

Building on the success of its DxO ONE for iOS, DxO has developed a DxO ONE for Android equipped with a type-C USB connector, making it compatible with recent Android smartphones and tablets. The DxO ONE Android will be offered in the coming weeks via an “Early Access” program that is open to all. It will allow users to preview the DxO ONE Android and receiving regular updates with the latest application features. The Early Access program will be an opportunity for participants to share their feedback and help improve the DxO ONE experience on Android.

“Since its launch, we have added dozens of features to the DxO ONE, thanks to feedback from users,” said Jean-Marc Alexia, Vice President of Product Strategy. “Today, DxO is responding directly to one of the most frequent requests by launching the Android version, and we will continue to listen to market needs. "

The DxO One camera for iPhone is currently selling for $469.

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  • Jarret O’Shea

    I’m frankly surprised they sold enough of these to warrant coming out with an Android version.

    • SteveHood

      Or maybe the Android version was required to help clear out stock.

      • Zos Xavius

        Hard to say. They actually are on the 2nd generation now for iphones, so someone is buying them. If they didn’t sell any of the first model, I doubt they would have continued.

        • TurtleCat

          That’s a good point. I like the idea of it but not the execution. I would have been tempted to get one for my wife but it’s too likely to get disconnected.

          • Zos Xavius

            I would imagine the 2nd generation addresses the mounting issues. I don’t know if it just hangs off the thunderbolt connector or not still. That was indeed the biggest complaint about the first one. That and it being super flaky to pair with the iphone.

            I have a nexus 6p and the camera in it isn’t that much different than the latest pixel phones. Similar 12mp sensor and f2 24mm equivalent lens. Frankly I find the images quite usable for a lot of things. I’ve even made some 8x10s from that phone and they look pretty good and could probably go little bigger. I don’t see the point in buying this and dealing with the awkwardness of it to gain a slight bump in resolution. Its also a lot less stealthy than just a phone from the hip too.

  • ‘Building on the success’ whehe… sure boys.

    Do mind if I don’t.

    But here’s a tip… take it to Kickstarter and sell out in notime.
    Actually that’s probably your only viable business model for this: hipsters.

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