September CIPA report: system camera shipments down compared to last year

CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association in Japan) published their September report - this time the number of shipped interchangeable lens digital cameras is lower compared to the same month of last year (orange: 2017, black: 2016, blue: 2015, click for larger view). The table with the actual numbers can be found here (click for larger view):

Here are the other two graphs:

List of participating CIPA companies can be found here.


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  • animalsbybarry

    This is continuing bad news for Nikon who depends so much on dslr

    Canon has increased sales
    Sony has increased FF market share to 29% ( mostly due to mirrorless sales)

    That does not leave much for Nikon who still does not have a serious mirrorless presence

    Nikon desperately needs to get into the mirrorless market

    • Barry, buy a Sony camera and stop worrying about Nikon.

    • RodneyKilo

      Same argument can be made that all the manufacturers desperately need to get out of the shrinking camera market.

  • yes, you’ve been also saying the same thing for months now – Nikon is losing market share and they need a mirrorless. I almost start believing it 🙂 We get it, no need to repeat it over and over again…

  • CG462

    Is Nikon expected to announce their mirrorless by April? Interested to see what they come out with. Have a feeling it, and whatever lenses they come out with, will be very expensive. Even though there are fewer cameras being shipped I wonder if they’re making more money because of the price of the new cameras and lenses. Sony has only released three cameras this year and they’re priced over $4,000, over $3,000, and $1,700. The trend for all these companies seems to be focusing on expensive cameras and lenses and catering to deep pocketed enthusiasts/pros.

  • etudiant

    This flat market makes it really challenging for Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Ricoh, firms that do not have as strong a franchise in the business as do Canon and Nikon. Sony is clearly a special case, they dominate the sensor business, so their cameras get sweetheart treatment.
    We should expect price increases, further consolidation and perhaps more Chinese takeovers, a la Hasselblad, The cost of keeping up technically in the sector is too high for the smaller players imho.

  • citrate

    DLSR numbers are not looking good.
    Mirrorless a little better.

  • PhilK

    Re: what the people are telling you: all that tells me is that both groups just want to send you to someone else’s forum to rant. 😀

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