More info on the new Sony 100MP and 150MP medium format back-illuminated sensors with 4K and 8K video capabilities

A quick update to an old news (see this and this post for more info) - Sony provided additional information on their new 100MP and 150MP medium format back-illuminated sensors with 4K and 8K video capabilities that will be released in 2018:

  • Super high resolution (100-150 Million pixels) image sensor using microfabrication technologies
  • High Dynamic Range function (HDR)
  • Rich graduation expression (High resolution AD converter - Max.16bit)

Some speculations from SonyAddict and FujiAddict:

The IMX461 will likely be found in a future Fujifilm GFX camera, while the IMX411 will likely be seen in a Hasselblad sometime soon. Both sensors are able to shoot 4k 30p at 12bit, but the more interesting specs are the 8k 18fps at 12-bit and 8k 16fps at 12-bit features.

Sony has built a lot of high-speed sensors for cameras lately and it looks like their medium format sensors are getting some form of high-speed shooting mode at 8k. 18fps and 16fps are too slow to be useful to videographers, but they could be very useful to photographers. Maybe Sony will even incorporate the IMX411 into their own medium format camera in the distant future.

It’s highly likely we will see a new Fujifilm GFX camera in 2019 or 2020 since this sensor is going to be released in 2018. The future Fujifilm GFX 100S will certainly be a desirable camera with a nice lens selection by the time we see it release. Maybe we will ever see the rumored range finder variant (GFX R) or fixed lens camera by then too. If you think GFX files look great today wait until the next GFX is released.

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  • Originaru

    Were they using a playstation 4 pro console?
    Or would it be another system to come?

  • Eloise

    Presumable the IMX461 will be seen in a “MkII” Hasselblad X1D too. If either Fuji or Hasselblad put that in their roadmap for 2019 would be exciting…

    • spam

      And in a future Pentax 645, if Pentax haven’t given up on medium format by then.

      • Eloise

        I’ve always wondered if there is anything stopping Pentax offering a “full frame” Type 4.2 sensor in the digital 645… if so, at the right price, could be a nice competitor to the full fat Hasselblad and Mamiya / Phase One cameras.

        • spam

          Pentax certainly could offer a “full frame” (film was 56x42mm I believe) sensor in a digital 645-body, but I assume they went for a “crop”-sensor to get below US$10K with their original CCD-based model.

          I’m not sure that their lenses are up to competing with high end Hasselblad and Phase One though, and the system would end up significantly more expensive than the current model.

          Pentax always had a different focus than Hasselblad with more rugged cameras designed for outdoor use. It probably was a good move by Pentax to continue that with their (somewhat) reasonably priced digital models, but that’s changing now.

          Fuji is clearly going after the same market as Pentax 645, and with a smaller mirrorless camera with more modern design. I’m not sure if Fuji’s mount can handle a much larger sensor so that could be a reason for Pentax to go for a bigger sensor, but then they’d compete more directly with high end Phase One and Hasselblad H-series again.

          Another problem for Pentax is high resolution Full Frame cameras. A switch to a 100MP sensor would help with that for a while, but not compared to Fuji which (I assume) will switch at the same time as Pentax.

          • Les

            Pentax needs to re-think their medium format strategy. Their antiquated body and sub-par lens line-up made sense when they were the lowest-cost MF option.

            Will they invest in a new body and new lenses? If they don’t, they may as well EOL the 645 line instead of keeping their customers guessing for years.

          • Pardal Linho

            Pentax DOESNT have a Medium Format strategy. Its over.

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            A strategy would be nice.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Will they use that in the iPhone XI

  • Spy Black

    When reality becomes low res…

  • why add 10-15 mgpxls when you can double or triple it? I can’t afford living in new reality. ))

  • tornwald

    Stil no match for medium format film resolution wise.

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