Ihagee Elbaflex film SLR camera launched on Kickstarter today

A new Elbaflex film SLR camera with Nikon F-mount launched on Kickstarter today. This is another project to revive old camera brands on crowdfunding platforms (just like the recent YashicaOprema Jena, Meyer Optik, Emil Busch projects).

The full press release can be found here.

Additional information:

Via NikonRumors

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  • CG462

    Not quite as tacky as those rebadged Sony’s that Hasselblad put out, but close.

    • Mistral75

      This one is a revamped 1988 Kiev 19M.

  • Ernest Nitka

    Did anyone notice the retail price of ~$1500? Can buy a lot of F3’s for this price. I’d say this project is DOA

    • Mistral75

      May be they just have a batch of a few hundreds of NOS Kiev 19M to revamp and sell on Kickstarter?

  • Mistral75

    The following was just posted by Ihagee / Creator in the Comments section of the Kickstarter project:

    The inside of the camera is designed by our Ukrainian colleagues and made with the tools from the Arsenal factory. We are changing the materials used so that the reliability is higher. We have also done some changes to the shutter mechanism. The body is build with tools from the Kiev 19M. It would be impossible to produce new tools for those parts as this is too costly for the small quantities. Therefore the camera looks similar.

  • Haha, and they’re selling exclusive Meyer Optik lens packages.
    Then you know it’s another attempt to revive some fancy names and stick it to the hipsters! And as any of these campaigns, they run like a charm! I keep on saying this… but… as this seems easier than taking candy from a baby… maybe we should all come up with these silly projects, and take to Kickstarter to sell it a premium. (Ss,) Though… I’d actually come up with something original, like a post-2000’s answer to the Contax T2 & co.

  • Mistral75

    The outcome of the first 24 hours of the Kickstarter campaign is not overwhelming by net SE standards (Meyer-Optik Görlitz, Oprema Jena and Emil Busch Glaukar Anastigmat Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns):

    – a bit more than $32,000 raised (the -symbolic- goal being $50,000)
    – 60 backers
    – 52 cameras sold, of which 5 bundled with a Meyer-Optik lens.

    • Yes, but I believe they will still make it.

      • Mistral75

        Of course they will. The $50,000 goal / threshold is a joke: net SE and their clique are not so much looking for money than for viral marketing in addition to market confirmation and immediate feedback.

        Viral marketing is limited: no article on DPReview or PetaPixel for instance. Feedback is lukewarm. Market appears to be smaller than what they expected, I would say.

        Their initial goal was to resurrect additional film cameras after this one, using the Ihagee trademark and may be additional camera trademarks (market segmentation). Had this campaign been an undeniable success, they would have allocated substantial resources to this diversification.

        I’m therefore inclined to think that this Ihagee campaign will be a one-off and that, from now on, the net SE bunch will stick to lenses and may be other photographic gear, apart from cameras..

      • Mistral75

        Actually, the project is stalling. The outcome of the first 48 hours of the Kickstarter campaign is worse than that of the first 24 hours:

        – total pledges amount to less than $30,000 (= minus $2,500)
        – still 60 backers with defections and newcomers
        – 49 cameras sold (= minus 3), of which 3 (= minus 2) bundled with a Meyer-Optik lens and one ( = plus 1) with a C.P. Goerz Citograph 35 (35mm f/8 fixed-focus pancake lens, also from the net SE group).

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