Luminar 2018 for Mac & PC officially released (plus a $10 off coupon code)

Luminar 2018 for Mac & PC is now officially released. The latest version includes new filters powered by artificial intelligence, speed improvements, a dedicated RAW develop module, new intelligent Sun Rays filter, LUT support, real-time noise removal, new user interface, full support of pro options like layers, masks, blending modes and photo composites. A new DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform is coming in 2018.

If you missed the pre-order Luminar deal, you can still get $10 off with coupon code "PHOTORUMORS":

Top 10 Luminar 2018 features:

  • Scalable, adaptive user interface with custom workspaces
  • Raw file conversion & non-destructive editing
  • Over 100 one-click presets
  • Over 40 image enhancement filters
  • Stackable layers with brushes and an advanced layer masking system
  • History panel with multiple undos and exportable history for resumable editing
  • Real-time noise reduction
  • Object removal and clone & stamp (available for Mac, coming soon to PC)
  • Operates as a standalone or plug-in
  • Complete digital asset manager with support for Lightroom catalogs (coming in 2018)
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  • Wildness

    It appears to be a disastrous launch for them on the Windows side. People are screaming for refunds on Facebook.

    • Thorndike

      And they should do so. The windows version ist a pre alpha at best. Not usable in any way. Everything takes forever and vital parts are missing.

      • Jda67

        Maybe people should inform themself first about what they are buying before paying and after that screaming for a refund. Skylum were always transparent by saying that Windows version was not at the same level than the Mac one. They also promised free of cost upgrades until end of 2017 in order to « align » both versions. The DAM will come for the 2 OS at begin of 2018.
        If you believe it or not is a personal question and that should be the only drive of your buying impulse! And the other hand, you can also spare your money and wait until the product is finished… As a french, with my poor english level, I understood that, so I assume that for someone speaking english as mother language it’s ever easier to understand. Sometimes I have the feeling that some customers reacts more as children as adults… Sorry if I’m rude…

        • Wildness

          They all just wanted a Lightroom killer for the price of an iPhone app and worked themselves up in the lead up to believing their savior was Luminar.

        • Bob Barr

          Jda67…your post is right on. So many people don’t read anymore. They just want to complain. So true that Macphun (Skylum) was always upfront with explaining that the Windows edition is not quite at parity with the Mac version just yet. Wait another month.

    • Fly Moon

      What’s Windows? 😉

      • Wildness

        It’s an antiquated operating system prone to constant needs for tweaking and rebooting, condoms to protect itself from viruses, and blue screens of death that play out like everyone’s fear of what hell will be like.

        • Fly Moon


  • Ivan Kutsarov

    I’m tired to death reding about this god damn Luminar Macphun Skylum whatever software, every freaking time I visit photography related site it jumps on me screaming how awesome it is. Admin please give us a break, too much advertising becomes anti advertising.

    • Fly Moon

      Would you donate $$ to @NikonRumors:disqus instead of seeing any AD’s?

      • Ivan Kutsarov

        AD’s? I have uBlock Origin installed. AD’s are irrelevant for me.
        The problem is endless brainwashing sheetspam . Well perhaps it’s a time for me to find another source of photo related information. R.I.P photo(sellout)rumors.

        • good luck to you, I am sure you will find a website without advertisement lol 🙂

        • Fly Moon

          You’re just naive! People like you are just parasites and entitled! Why do you expect Peter or anybody else is supposed to work hard to get information and present it to you for free? Seriously? Are you that dumb or naive?

  • Bernd Kunze

    I know that Adobes move is too good to let it pass, but I feel some competitors position themselves a bit prematurely. I will neither bet on On1 (even 2018 version much too slow still, and I am not exactly sure why I have to pay for this version) or Skylum is trying to push vaporware (DAM) down my throat and asks for money?

    To avoid this in the future I rearranged my images (300k) now in purely directory fashion, no database dependencies. And it was not even a difficult move.

    I am now 100% Adobe free. Sorry for the rant, I am german, we don’t have humor.

    P.S.: C1 has been my choice.

  • Fly Moon

    I just bought it. Thanks for the code @Peter

    • very welcome, that’s was the idea of this post – to share the coupon code

      • Fly Moon

        Yeah. I saw somebody complaining about the post below/above!!!

  • Jean Claude Hebert

    Good thing I saw your advertisement have read the posts. I was going to order the trial version of Luminar. I had not realized they had problems with the Windows version.

    • Yes, the comments are sometimes more important than the post itself.

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