Just released: Capture One 11, Aurora HDR 2018 1.1.1 and Franzis HDR Projects 2018

→ Phase One released Capture One Pro 11 (download a trial version here).

Macphun released Aurora HDR 2018 version 1.1.1 with several bug fixes and updates (trial is available at the bottom of this page).

Franzis introduced new HDR Projects 2018 and HDR Projects Professional software.

All Franzis photo editing software is currently 50% off: HDR Projects 5 | HDR Projects 5 Professional | Sharpen Projects | Sharpen Projects Professional | DENOISE Projects 2 | DENOISE Projects 2 Professional | NEAT Projects | NEAT Projects Professional | BLACK AND WHITE Projects 5 | COLOR Projects 5).

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  • Chaitanya

    just checked Capture1, like all other competitors to Lightroom it lacks organisation.

    • Allen_Wentz

      No thank you to LR. You are welcome to keep its alleged organization.

    • dave

      So you can organize with Catalogs or organize with Sessions or orginize with their other app Media Pro, those are just their native ways. Or you can stil use lightrrom to tag and organize but use Capture One’s superior editor, or you can use many other 3rd party apps to organize.

    • peter w

      ? It lacks organisation? What do you mean?

      The lay-out of your desktop is totally arrangable to your own preferences.

      You can choose to work eigther in a catalog mode – like Lightroom -, or in session mode which is totally consistent with the normal directory structure on your platform – a feature which Adobe doesn’t offer. You can choose whether or not you want to import the files in the catalogue – Aperture style. (Please don’t; if your catalogue goes bananas, guess what happens to your photos…However, this may be very handy to share a catalogue with the combined results and photos of an extended shoot with a client or contractor – retoucher or whatever)

      The catalogue of Capture One is based on Media Pro, which is an evolution of Windows Expression Media, which is based on iView. Quite a serious database, I’ld say.

      • Chaitanya

        Capture One doesnt have GPS tagging which LR supports. I dont use auto import on Lightroom rather have my photos manually organised in folders and then import photos into LR(after having culled unwanted photos). I work with wildlife doing surveys and for me GPS and keyword tagging are very important tools which I find most other LR competitors are lagging behind LR. Here is just an example of what I mean. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3ad5c416b24cfb48b81a9a64ca5751c25658dd35383e8cd398643493308acc66.png

        • peter w

          Gps tagging could be done in other software. F.i. it has been possible in View NX, but I get your point. I didn’t check the catalogue on this because I use PhotoSupreme from ID-Imager as a DAM, which supports both Capture One in sessions mode, and GPS logging. Both programs are more pleasant to work with for me, but LR is much cheaper than buying two seperate programs. (I bought PhotoSupreme to use with Capture NX2.)

          • Chaitanya

            Thanks will look into Photo Supreme, I already have 5 softwares(LR, ICE,GIMP, Helicon, Nik) for photo editing and would like to keep those to minimum. I am looking for alternatives to LR as with my next camera upgrade the standalone LR wont work anymore and i dont want to spend more for more tools which were all present under single interface of LR. It doesnt make sense both practically and economically.

  • Zeneize

    Whenever I see overprocessed images of that village near Genoa, I think “this is not a photographer” or “I am not going to buy that software”.

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