FujiAddict.com leaked details on the upcoming Fuji X-H1, XF10, XT100 and GFX R (rangefinder medium format mirrorless interchangeable lens camera)

Our sister site FujiAddict has been a pretty good source for upcoming Fuji products and they nailed that last few products announcements. Today they got a major leak on multiple upcoming Fujifilm cameras. Here is the recap:

Fuji X-H1 camera (previously reported here):

  • X-H1 will be shipped at February 2018
  • There is a exposure compensation button instead of exposure compensation Dial (like GFX50)
  • There is Sub Monochrome LCD Monitor, displays main settings (like GFX50s)
  • X-H1 have much bigger and deeper hand grip, so size of X-H1 will be  between X-T2 and GFX50s
  • X-H will have different processor, very fast
  • Right now, some X photographers are testing X-H1 camera
  • It will be dust and weather-resistant body too. As Everybody knows, it is a IBIS camera.
  • It is a camera for both videographers and photographers. Fujifilm says “both of videographers and photographers will be satisfied”
  • It is a Hybrid Camera
  • The price there will be between $1,900 and $2,200

Fuji XF10 camera (previously reported here)

  • A new camera is coming instead of X70 camera but the name will not be X80.  It may be called XF10
  • The new camera probably will be with Bayer sensor
  • Shipping could be in the first quarter of 2018

Fuji XT100 camera

  • XT-100 camera also is coming with new XC 15-45mm kit lens
  • No information about shipping date (could be in Q1 of 2018)

Fuji GFX R camera (previously reported here and here)

  • Big Brother of Fujifilm X-Pro is coming: rangefinder medium format mirrorless interchangeable lens camera
  • Announcement or shipping will be around Photokina 2018 (September 0218)
  • Body price will be between $3,900 and $4,300

Fuji FinePix XP130 (update from Nokishita)

Read the full posts over at FujiAddict.com: link 1 | link 2.

Fujifilm has at least two new cameras already registered with various government agencies (I am not sure about the third registration):

One more new Fuji camera registered in China

Fujifilm already has a trademark for the X-H name:

New trademark registered for Fuji X-H digital camera

Here is another update from FujiAddict:

ONE MORE THING! Additional Fujifilm GFX 50R and Fujifilm GFX 100S Information Plus Roadmap Update!

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  • Ronald Noerachmad

    That would be nice Fuji taking seriosly for videographer…

  • CG462

    Will it be an actual rangefinder or just a rangefinder style body? An actual rangefinder would be awesome.

    • I had the same question – my understanding is that it will be something like the XPro2, so not a real rangefinder. I expect more info in the next few days.

      • RC Jenkins

        Wow! This is a great surprise! I wasn’t expecting this.

        I personally don’t care if it’s an optical or digital rangefinder–from my perspective, they work pretty much the same, with the exception of the split prism image being bottom right corner on the Fuji. But it does magnify while providing a split image, so it works better for me. 🙂

        • Yes, one is manual focus, the other one AF. Manual focus is basically useless on tele lenses, so it makes sense for them to go with AF.

          • RC Jenkins


            Both are manual focus…

          • The X-Pro2 is not, my understanding is that the new GFX R will be similar to the X-Pro2: hybrid finder and AF.

  • Interesting, the rangefinder GFX is quite cheaper than the “slr” one. Will the former have a hybrid viewfinder? Also the 15-45 XC sounds exciting – is it a collapsible lens?

    • RC Jenkins

      Pure guess, but I’d guess it also has the hybrid viewfinder. I don’t think Fuji would release it without this when the XPro2 has one.

      It’s one of the things I like best on the XPro2!

  • For manual focus, I was talking about the original mechanical Leica M rangefinder.

    • RC Jenkins

      Yup, that’s just one example of a rangefinder, but not the definition of a rangefinder.

      Either way, I hope Fuji takes a similar approach with the GFX-R as the XPro2, which has several viewfinder modes:
      ::Pure optical viewfinder (with information overlays)
      ::Optical viewfinder + information overlays + small EVF in the corner
      ::Pure EVF

      I hope they don’t take the typical definition of “rangefinder style mirrorless camera,” which usually only means an EVF in the top-left corner + no deep grip. This would include cameras styled similarly to the Fuji X-E3.

    • spam

      I believe RC Jenkins is correct here. Rangefinder cameras have two “windows” at the front of the camera, one for the optical viewfinder, and a second one for mechanism that provide the focusing “overlay” in the viewfinder.

      Today Leica M is the most known rangefinder camera, and currently the only digital one.

      The Contax G-series is an example (possibly the only one) of a Rangefinder camera with AF.
      The Pro2 is not a Rangefinder camera, and many people confuse the placement of the viewfinder with the type of camera. Thera are even (d) SLRs with the viewfinder towards the side of the body and without the typical hump at the top – that doesn’t make them Rangefinder cameras. Example is Olympus E-3×0-series. Even Dpreview have started using “rangefinderstyle camera” based on (mostly) viewfinder placement, which is unfortunate as a typical mirrorless with EVF in the corner wont give the user anything like the rangefinder experience.
      Pro2 does a pretty good job of emulating a rangefinder with it’s hybrid viewfinder. Reusing the Pro2 viewfinder seems like the obvious solution for Fuji for a medium format camera with an optical viewfinder. Making a real rangefinder design would be pretty meaningless when the have a much better focusing system built in already.

  • Simon Narquist
  • sickheadache

    Looks like Fuji is on the right road.

  • Trent Mitchell

    So, if there is a chance for a GFX R – could there also be a chance for a GFX F ( F for fixed lens- so an X100F’s bigger brother? ) with a leaf shutter lens? Now that would be a game changer.

  • Ivan Kutsarov

    Hehe 5 years late to the party Fuji.
    Sony, Panasonic and Olympus all have IBIS for years now. I don’t count Canon because their mirrorless offer are joke, and the lens selection is even beyond joke it’s just ROFLMAO.
    So after years and years spreading lies about IBIS implementation not being possible I suppose your sales are just trash now according to Amazon mirrorless sales ranking. This is what I call camera Nazi.

    • The funny part is that Canon will be the #1 mirrorless camera manufacturer if they are not already.

    • TurtleCat

      It’s hard to take you seriously when you use such hyperbolic language that’s clearly not the whole story.

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