Panasonic will talk about their 8k 60fps organic CMOS sensor with global shutter at ISSCC

At the 2018 ISSCC conference Panasonic will present a paper on their new 8K 60fps organic CMOS sensor with global shutter:

  • 8K4K-resolution
  • 60fps
  • 450ke saturation signal
  • Organic photoconductive film
  • Global shutter
  • CMOS image sensor with in-pixel noise canceller

Please note that Panasonic will not "announce" this sensor as some websites reported.


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  • Ronald Noerachmad

    wow!!!! that’s amazing though… but 8K like imax did?

  • Dimitris Tavlikos

    What is a “global shutter”?

    • spam

      The sensor read all pixels at the same time, removing the need for a mechanical shutter.

    • Dimitris Tavlikos


  • Originaru

    Wet dream of a triple medium fomat senor with each R, G, B sensor with 16k or resolution and 240hertz, that would be fantastic to downsample.
    Only medium format lenses would do 8k justice.

  • animalsbybarry

    This sensor (I think it is m4/3 but not sure?)would be great especially if individual 33 mp frames can be extracted from the video footage

    A lighter more compact long lens setup would be a lot easier to carry

  • Probably for specific industry application.

    Sony and Canon also have cameras for uses such as surveillance and wildlife observation.

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