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Panasonic organic sensor: “put it into practical use in a few years”

Application example of Panasonic OPF CMOS organic image sensor

In a recent interview, Panasonic reps commented that they have a desire for their new organic CMOS sensor (see announcement) to be “put into practical use in a few years“:

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Panasonic announced that it has developed its organic sensor

Panasonic is talking about its organic sensor again and if you judge by the title and first paragraph of the press release, it seems that they are done with the development:

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Panasonic develops 8K global shutter technology using organic-photoconductive-film CMOS image sensor

Panasonic Develops Industry’s-First 8K High-Resolution, High-Performance Global Shutter Technology using Organic-Photoconductive-Film CMOS Image Sensor The new technology enables 8K high resolution and high picture quality imaging without motion distortion, even in extremely bright scenes.  Osaka Japan, – Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has developed a new technology which realizes 8K high-resolution (36M pixels), 60fps framerate, […]

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The latest patents from Fuji, Tamron, Sigma, Sony and Olympus

I haven’t reported on the latest patents for a while. Here is a recap: Fuji: DSLR binocular camera system patent Tamron: 300mm f/2.8, 400mm f/4 and 500mm f/4 lenses Sigma: 18-50mm f/2.8 lens designed for fixed lens camera with APS-C sensor (new Sigma dp camera?)

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Panasonic will talk about their 8k 60fps organic CMOS sensor with global shutter at ISSCC

At the 2018 ISSCC conference Panasonic will present a paper on their new 8K 60fps organic CMOS sensor with global shutter:

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Panasonic also files patent for an organic sensor

Similar to Fujifilm, Panasonic also filed a patent 2011-258729 in Japan for an organic sensor that can change the thickness of the organic film by changing the wavelength. Here is a machine generated translation of the patent description taken from the Japanese Patent Office:

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Japan patent update: vari-angle LCD screen from Olympus and organic sensor from Fujifilm

Olympus filed a patent in Japan (2011-259166) for a vari-angle LCD screen that can be flipped to pretty much any camera side/angle: In addition to the US patent for an organic sensor, Fujifilm filed a similar patent in Japan (2011-253861). Here are some more details from the Japanese patent application (Google translation):

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