Is there a new Sony a6700 APS-C mirrorless camera coming in 2018?

The last Sony a6500 model was announced back in October 2016 and the Sony a6300 was announced in February 2016. The model before that (Sony a5100) was announced in August 2014 (the Sony a6000 was introduced in February 2014). If Sony keeps that release pattern, a new APS-C mirrorless camera (or two) is expected to be announced in 2018. As it has been the case for the past few years, reliable Sony rumors are really hard to come across, but there are some references online about a potential new Sony a6700 model with the following specs:

  • Better AF, like accuracy and sensitivity
  • 1/8000s shutter
  • Faster fps rate
  • Flash sync 1/250s
  • Improved silent electronic shutter
  • A better stabilizer
  • Two memory card slots, with UHS-II support (at least one)
  • Raw-2-jpeg processing in camera
  • Double exposure
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Faster startup time, overall faster performance
  • Adjustable touchscreen LCD screen
  • Improved IBIS
  • Built-in intervalometer
  • Announcement in 2018

Needless to say that you should take this (and any other) Sony rumors with a grain of salt:

Sony has a scheduled press conferenced at the 2018 CES on January 8th at 5pm PST:

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  • Spy Black

    What’s the point of having a compact body when your lenses look like that?

    • Azmodan

      None whatsoever. Maybe after 6 generations Sony can build an A6xxx series without appalling ergonomics. These are the worst cameras in the market in that regard.

      • raziel28

        so many sony haters here…
        1. those are high end optics designed for high resolution sensors and professional work
        GM, Batis, Zeiss series are e-mount “workhorses”.
        2. there are many other compact lenses including loxias, voighlanders, touits, compact primes and so forth
        3. there is a possibility to adapt almost every lens on the e-mount
        4. people have an option to choose between compact and bulky size
        5. ergonomics ( personal preference?) i’ve tried almost every milc on th emarket and i haven’t noticed any drastic drawbacks. olys and panas, leica t, fuji xt20 they all have smaller grip than α6000 and they aren’t more comfortable to use at all…

        • Zos Xavius

          I’ve used an a7. I disagree. Very uncomfortable, but that’s me.

          • I agree with you and they have not fixed that with the latest model.

        • El Aura

          Except for the Touits, they are all larger than they need to be for the A6x000 bodies by virtue of being FF. And none of the more compact ones (from that list of high end optics) are from Sony itself.

        • Why every time somebody makes an observation you have to come here and call them haters. Do we all have to agree with you opinion and view on things? What do you think about Nikon DSLR cameras?

          • raziel28

            i m sorry if i sounded harsh, i didn’t mean to offend anyone… i’m far from the “troll” – on the contrary, i am a big photo enthusiast. photo rumors is the first thing i visit when i open my browser since 2010. even bought some gear through its links…

            however, there is a visibly negativity towards sony from time to time here. in the comments section it is not uncommon to read that their products are “toys”, that they’re a “playstation” company, how α are not cameras but “gadgets” and gizmos, constantly belittling new products. It seems that the majority are OK with that… but, when some people answers to that, they are automatically sony trolls or whatever…

            film photography is my first choice. in the digital world i like sony just for that because they’re “computers”. when i want to use digital i want all possible modern features and state of the art technology + the best sensors… do not want pseudo retro/hipster digital cameras…
            my main cameras are canon dslrs and slrs. fuji film mf and linhof 4×5 are my “enjoyable” cameras… α6000 and α7r for video and casual use…

            “What do you think about Nikon DSLR cameras?” i respect them very much. although i’m a canon user, nikon’s dslrs are probably the best. i wanted to start with Nikon but ended with canon. one of the reasons is canon’s film slr line up…

          • Ok, no problem – I probably overreacted because we get a lot of Sony trolls here.

          • Azmodan

            The negativity towards Sony pales compared to that by Sony and many other mirrorless fans towards Canon. I’ve owned mirrorless and abandoned the forums at dpreview the anti-DLSR hatred was so rabid. You can’t dare criticise mirrorless but you can say what ever you like about the “idiots still carrying bricks”.

            Even amongst pros, they have complained to Sony about size and ergonomics. The A9 is an otherwise superb camera largely ruined by it’s stupidly small size, and the pros have told them this. It’s why I didn’t buy one, since I’d be using large glass and there’s hardly enough room. There’s no reason it needed to be the same size and poor ergonomics of the A7 series. Pro cameras are large for a reason.

            If the A9 had of even been as nice as the Olympus E-M1 II or Panasonic G9 in the hand, I’d have bought one in a heartbeat.

          • raziel28

            yes, i’ve noticed that too. dpreview used to be a nice, relaxing place – before they’d introduced comments and started to write about dynamic range and other technomasturbating articles… 🙂

            the newest “trend” there is to degrade a m4/3.
            all that noise about canon is also ridiculous.
            anyone who knows to expose will have great results with canons…

            still, i’ve continued to read dpr. whenever I want to laugh, dpr comment section is the place to go. 🙂


          • Again, I have no problem with any of the companies – I like some products more than others. I owned the Sony RX1 and it was one of the best cameras I ever had. I wish they fixed the AF – I would have never sold it. I have said that many times in the past. I am not a fan of the a7/a9 – just a personal preference. I owned also two Fuji cameras in the past and I think they currently offer the best mirrorless solution – again, just my opinion. I am not not a fan of MFT. Having said all this, I do have a problem with trolls who come here to disrupt out discussion. It has happen several times in the past which which is why now I am very careful. Those individuals were really sick in the head – they created multiple accounts so they can keep a discussion between each other and pretend to be “normal” visitors. The moment I exposed them, they started to delete their comments and accounts. Really strange. I was convinced that hey were paid by Sony to do what they were doing because a normal person would never spend hours every day to do what they did.

          • raziel28

            everything’s OK 🙂
            i perfectly understand you…
            they are probably paid by companies to troll around.
            sometimes it is very obvious.
            dpr is probably the worst in that regard at the moment.

          • I also believe they are paid and Sony has a history of doing this in the past – they had to pay a huge fine a few years ago.

        • Nope. We don’t hate sony. Only the ergonomics and UI. And yes… Sony trolls!

        • HD10

          I have been a long time user of Sony cameras but stopped buying any new ones over 3 years ago.

          The ergonomics, the small battery, the difficulty in designating AF points are but some of the reasons why. The absence of a touch screen in the A6xxx and A7 series until the advent of the A7R III is still another reason … made glaringly obvious when even the entry-level m43 cameras from Olympus and Panasonic had these.

          You would be incorrect about what you say that other MILCs have smaller grips than the A6000 and aren’t more comfortable. For example, try using the Panasonic GH3/GH4/GH5 (or even just the G85) and you will quickly see that these not only have a much better ergonomics and controls over the A6000 but the batteries have a much higher capacity as well. These are certainly much more comfortable, faster and convenient to use than the Sony A6000.

        • Azmodan

          I don’t hate Sony, I just bought an A7R3, but I still hate it’s ergonomics, and the A7’s are much better than the A6xxx. Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji make vastly better cameras from a usability POV. Sony thinks cramming as much tech into as small a body as possible is smart. It’s not, it’s pig headed stubbornness. Their tech is mostly excellent, but a camera is more than it’s tech, why I’ll never leave Canon and Nikon behind, they are camera companies, not tech companies

          • You nailed it – the tech is good but not groundbreaking (meaning you can still get a DSLR with similar specs and performance). The ergonomics is the worse I’ve seen.

          • You also show how you can own a Sony camera and not be an ass at the same time and have a intelligent conversation about it without trolling.

        • Athanasius Kirchner

          The A6XXX are a CRYING SHAME. Their dinky bodies and limited, awkwardly-placed controls are a mess of poor compromises. The A7 series is much better, though, and in my experience, the people who hate on them so much are either brand-new Sony users, or simply trolling. I’d kill for an APS-C A7000/A6.
          Still, everyone forgets about A-mount, including Sony ;_; Those cameras have the best ergonomics in the market, after Pentax. Everything falls into place, and even the last detail has been lovingly taken care of.
          I still can’t understand why Sony doesn’t fire the team that designs E-mounters and replaces them with the creators of the A-mounters.

          • raziel28

            the new α99 is very nice.
            if only zeiss would release a milvus line for the α-mount…

  • Guido

    – Two memory card slots
    – slightly larger (higher) body for better ergonomics
    – 1 or 2 more programmable dials for direct access to more shooting parameters.

    And I would look at Sony APS-C again.

    • Sebastien

      Fuji X-T2

      • Guido

        I prefer the rangefinder style, because like most people I have a nose in the middle of the face and the viewfinder on the edge is much better regarding ergonomics. At the times of (D)SLRs there were technical reasons to place the viewfinder in the center above the lens axis. But with electronic viewfinders?

        The X-E3 with a tilt display, the EFV of the X-T2 and a slightly better grip would be perfect for me. Price tag 1200 USD.

        • AFAIK most people use their left eye when looking through the viewfinder.

          • TurtleCat

            You know, I have never actually met anyone using a left eye on the viewfinder. In any case, the stability of a central viewfinder is much better than the rangefinder style. I’ve tried both. Had the X-E1 and 2 for several years. Never liked it. Plus the lame grip on those…

          • I use left eye while shooting. It’s a PITA on smaller bodies…

          • Athanasius Kirchner

            Nope, according to informal polls online we’re around 20-30% of the population only. I’m left eye dominant, and it’s a pain to get a comfortable camera. RF-style designs are absolutely out for most of us.

  • Eno

    Without proper ergonomics and a body that stays well in the hand, all the above are pointless IMO!

  • Mistral75

    Concerning the “some references online” you are mentioning I would suggest your giving a link to the website from which the rumour emanates and not to the post in the Digital Photography Review forum quoting it:–nel-2018-la-a6700.aspx

  • But will it overheat?

  • Licheus

    No new E mount lens was released for 2017. Only 2 during the four years between 2014 and 2017. Meanwhile we have 7 new APS-C bodies. Even that has been slowing down as noted in the OP. The ship is sinking toward what the A mount is like now.

    “But you can always use our FE lenses” they’d say. Come on…

  • Justanotheropinion

    Sounds pretty good, but 4k60p and a bigger battery would definitely make it a more tempting proposition. Of course it also depends on what Nikon brings to the mirrorless table and how the price shakes out. For me anyways.

  • Jer81

    Will Sony release new APS-C lenses to go with the body? If not, not interested, the current Sony APS-C lineup is dramatic.

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