GoPro update

A quick GoPro update: GoPro announced the previously rumored Fusion 360-degree camera while putting themselves up for sale after they killed their Karma drone division. That's all for GoPro for now.

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  • sdf0815

    On the GoPro website atleast in Germany it was already possible to buy in December with fast delivery.

  • Zos Xavius

    Hardly surprising really. At one point people were using gopros for everything. Seems like the market finally caught up and out innovated them.

    • Their drone was junk, I crashed mine on the third flight.

      • sdf0815

        Why didnt you buy a mavic?

        • Because I wanted to use the GoPro camera separately. I still can and I can still use the stabilizer from the drone as well (it’s removable). It was a good idea but they did not executed it right.

          • sdf0815

            Well u pointed out the only advantage. The karma was only interesting if you used all her parts alone aswell. There was a better and smaller drone (mavic) long time with a better camera (hero 5 vs mavic) a better gimbal with more flexibility (removu) and in terms of size and value and camera the phantom 4 adv.

            And this was the problem GoPro was never cheap (ofc with a value) and with the karma they’ve made a cheap product. And only guys in love with GoPro and value orientated bought it. And than they fall down from sky.

            Did u ask GoPro for a replacement? Normally they are very accommodating.

          • Yes, I got the parts and the drone is working again. It was easy to change everything – they did a good job with the design. The sad part is that they will also stop updating the software now. Oh well… 🙂

          • Duncan Dimanche

            they came with that drone a year too late really. It seemed great to compete with the phantom size wise but the Mavic just changed the game.

            Size does matter after all boys !

      • Zos Xavius


        • Yes, I made a mistake 🙂

          • Zos Xavius

            Haha. We all do at times. 🙂

            The karma looks pretty sweet to be honest. Sad that it was so poorly conceived.

  • Frank

    From nearly $87 per share in Oct. 2014, to just $6 today, GoPro should have brought in a new CEO and new management years ago. The market is saturated with their niche product, and they never diversified their product portfolio. All eggs in one basket, and this is what you get: $6 per share.

  • Nakayamahanzaemon

    Time to buy Nikon’s KeyMission camera?

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