What else was announced at 2018 CES?

The 2018 CES has been pretty weak on actual camera and lens announcements - in addition to the new Sony lens and Panasonic GH5s camera, we got one new super tele-photo lens from Nikon and that's about it. Here are some additional interesting photography related products announced at CES this year:


Google unveils point-and-shoot VR cameras from Lenovo and Yi

New stabilizers from Zhiyun-Tech, Ronin-S and DJI Osmo Mobile 2.

Panasonic also announced three new camcorders.

New Insta360 Nano S 360-degree spherical video camera for iPhone with 4k video recording, 20MP photo capture and 360-degree video chat.

New RYZE Tello intelligent toy drone with 5MP 720p HD camera and smartphone control

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  • José Ángel

    Very very poor for the most important fare of the world of consumer electronics.
    Where are the Olympus EPL-9, the 3 new Canon Powershot, the Nikon P1000, etc?

    • Azmodan

      Canon don’t usually announce anything at this show, they’ll probably wait for the next show in February IIRC.

    • Fuji X-H1 is coming next month, too.

      • Yes, will see more new products for the CP+ show in early March.

        • animalsbybarry

          Now that we have a Z mount rumor do you think a March FF Nikon Mirrorless announcement is imminent?

          • TurtleCat

            A “Development” style announcement is most likely.

          • No idea, I am hearing March or September.

          • animalsbybarry

            So if I need a new camera in my hands before the end of April do you think there is any chance at all I would be able to get a new Nikon Mirrorless ?

          • I seriously doubt that.

    • BVS

      After all the hoopla about shooting the moon with the P900, I’m surprised they didn’t use the opportunity of having a real astronaut with them at CES to promote the P1000.

  • animalsbybarry

    Just a thought on the new Nikon Mirrorless

    It is unlikely it will be E mount…. but I am hopeful that the new mount will be wide enough that it can accommodate an adapter for E mount lenses

    Since Sony has such a big head start on FF mirrorless lenses, and FF mirrorless users are already committed to E mount glass…. being able to adapt these lenses might be an important way for Nikon to enter a market that is currently dominated by Sony (FF Mirrorless)

    • Not “unlikely” to be E-mount, completely 100% impossible to be E-mount.

    • Jukeboxjohnnie

      I think you’re really over rating Sony here they are a poor third place to canon and nikon, it’s about what you can adapt to Sony from the big two not the other way round. Professionals wouldn’t consider sony unless they’re paid to.

      • animalsbybarry

        I think not
        Sony has surpassed Nikon in Full Frame camera sales (as far as I know)
        They also dominate the market in Full Frame Mirrorless sales
        And while Canon is overall #1 and Nikon #2 Sony is now a close third.
        More importantly anyone that is seriously into Full Frame Mirrorless is already a Sony user and already has a collection of E mount glass
        That is why I say if Nikon wants to get into the FF mirrorless market this late in the game it would help to be able to use E mount glass because their potential customers may be lenslocked to Sony

        • Barry please, we have been over this many times before…. Sony got the #2 spot for a particular market for a particular slice of time… you should know this by now. I will repeat it again for you: Nikon will never ever ever release a camera with E-mounmt. Just live with it and please don’t confuse readers with your comments.

        • Jukeboxjohnnie

          Canon nikon and leica have heritage that goes back forever. Sony’s heritage is the failed Minolta line, owners of the first three won’t want Sony glass near their cameras. Theres no demand for it.

        • RC Jenkins

          I don’t think Nikon needs to accommodate for E-mount glass–E isn’t a strong mount for full-frame glass to begin with.

          The number of Sony E users who go Nikon mirrorless will likely be much (MUCH!) smaller than other new users, like DSLR users. This small proportion of Sony users are also generally users who care less about ‘lenslock’–they were lenslocked somewhere before they went Sony. It’s possible they still have glass for their old systems, like Canon EF or Nikon F.

          Nikon should, however, accommodate for:
          ::Canon EF / EF-S
          ::Nikon F
          ::(Every other DSLR mount)
          ::Nikon’s own mirrorless glass

          Which shouldn’t be too hard to do.

        • Joe

          If Canikon users had to use an adaptor it wouldn’t be that bad. Additionally, since Sony lens dimensions don’t lend any advantage over current Canon/Nikon non-mirrorless lenses, I don’t think the current Canikon lenses are a problem at all.
          Additionally I don’t think Canikon will release a professional mirrorless camera yet, maybe consumer/enthusiast level only. Battery life of pro lines is essential and an aspect that mirrorless hasn’t caught up to, yet.
          Anyway we’ll see what happens 🙂

      • That’s correct.

      • Zeneize

        I certainly wouldn’t, and I tried nearly all Phonies. The last one I tried was the A9, or whatever they call the bigger one. A cheap Canon focussed more quickly and cost a small fraction. It was a LOL experience.

    • El Aura

      When was the last time a major camera maker re-used another camera maker’s lens mount? (Outside of cooperations where a common lens mount was announced as such before the first camera with it shipped, like m43.)

      • animalsbybarry

        All current mirrorless cameras have been desighned to use all current DSLR lenses (with adapters)
        These adapters are built by third parts rather than by the camera manufacturers to avoid possible lawsuits

        If (as the Z mount specs nay indicate) an E mount to Z mount adapter can be built, it is highly unlikely that Nikon or Sony will build the adapter, but almost a certainty that a third party will

        • El Aura

          “Have been designed” is a rather strong phrase for having a shorter flange distance when the shorter flange distance was chosen to make the camera smaller and not to enable the use of competitors’ lenses.

          Show me even a single design decision that mirrorless camera makers have made that would help to adapt lenses from other mounts that goes beyond decisions that help them adapt their own, older lenses.

          • animalsbybarry

            Not true
            A major focus of Sony E mount marketing from day one has been the ability to use almost any lens made by almost any manufacturer

          • El Aura

            I asked for design decisions, not marketing messages. It is unavoidable that mirrorless cameras can adapt lenses from mounts with larger flange distances. The camera manufacturer simply cannot prevent it. They can only try to make it hard for any third-party lenses (what Nikon tends to do and still fails pretty much at it).

            Marketing might push that aspect initially to cover for the fact new mirrorless mounts only have a small number of lenses but nowhere in the camera design was any decision taken for the express purposes of enabling lenses from rival camera makers.

  • Downzy

    Was the recently announced Godox AD600 Pro not associated with CES?

  • saywhatuwill

    I’m hoping a new Sony RX1 will be announced sometime this year. Of course it’ll probably be $4000 and out of my price range.

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