Additional Panasonic GH5s coverage (why IBIS was removed, Sony A7SII high ISO comparison and more)

Since I broke the news about the Panasonic GH5s a few months ago I never realized that all the camera specifications I received from sources did not mention IBIS anywhere. I assumed that this was just given and there was no need to include it. When the GH5s was announced I was surprised to find out that the latest MFT camera doesn’t have IBIS - one of the most marketed feature of mirrorless cameras in the past 10 years. After our initial discussion here on the blog, I did some more Googling and found that IBIS indeed could be a problem for filmmakers (which is what the GH5 is mainly used for) - the sensor can vibrate even with IBIS turned off when the camera is attached to a car or when close to a subwoofer for example. Here is what Dpreview has to say:

The camera's sensor-based stabilization is gone, which may on the surface sound like an odd decision, but makes a lot of sense for pro video shooters who are often working with their own stabilized rigs and gimbals. The floating sensor design used by the GH5's stabilization system can interact with gimbals even when it's turned off, so removing it entirely solves the problem.

We've seen a degree of scepticism about Panasonic's reasoning but, if you assume there's some heat dissipation benefit for bonding the sensor to a solid object and you recognize that the camera is already shooting out to the edges of the Micro Four Thirds image circle, there may be no way of doing what the GH5S does and providing stabilization.

Here is some video footage showing the difference between the GH5 camera with IBIS turned off and the new GH5s:

Imaging Resource did an ISO comparison between the Panasonic GH5s ($2,500) and Sony A7SII ($2,700) cameras:

You can also check Dpreview's comparison:

Here are two more related videos:

Interview with Yosuke Yamane-san - the head of imaging at Panasonic:

Panasonic GH5s ($2,500) vs. Panasonic GH5 ($2,000) specifications comparison:

A reader calculated the crop factors for each aspect ratio on the GH5s based on camera specs:

  • 3680 pixel long in 4/3 = 2x crop factor in 4/3 still mode
  • 3840 pixel long in 3/2 = 1,91x crop factor in 3/2 still mode
  • 4016 pixel long in 16/9 = 1,832x crop factor in 16/9 still mode
  • 4096 pixel long in 17/9 = 1.796x crop factor in 17/9 (DCI 4K) video mode
  • 3840 pixel long in 3/2 = 1,91x crop factor in 16/9 4K UHD video mode.
  • 35mm means 3680x3680 = 7360 pixel long or 1x crop factor
  • If you add a Speed Booster Ultra to the GH5s you get in DCI 4K a crop factor of 1,275x with 35mm lenses.
  • If you add a Speed Booster XL to the GH5s you get in DCI 4K a crop factor of 1,149x with 35mm lenses.
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  • Eloise

    Removing IBIS for Panasonic wouldn’t (I think) be a killer for Panasonic photographers either as many Panasonic lenses have OIS.

    One question … is the GH5S still limited to <30minutes video to get it classified as a stills camera rather than video camera?

    • I believe the limit is still there.

      • Cliff

        Both the GH5 snd GH5-S have unlimited recording length. Only the G9 has a limit.

        • I did not know that, thanks.

    • Originaru


  • Originaru

    Image resource guy is out of his mind…
    He should do an eye surgery he does not even what he is looking at, unbelievable.

    • Spy Black

      Yeah WTF was up with that? Just look at the DPR RAW comparisons and you can clearly see the GH5s is nowhere near the A7S II.

  • brtravel

    It would be very interesting to compare the GH5s with a Speedbooster XL to the A7SII, even using the exact same FF lens.

  • fanboy fagz

    was looking at the dpr link..I said “wait am I missing something here?”
    is it a trick comparison?

    there is no comparison whatsoever. the a7s2 smokes the gh5s in every way.

    youre making yourself look bad by comparing it against the sony. comare it against the fuji or an iphone.
    huge mistake for no IBIS.

  • Zeneize

    The Sony smokes the Pana, and it costs a similar price. What’s still to be said? Well yes, neither one is a real camera, but we knew that already.

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