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Panasonic GH 4K camera prototype on display at CES

Panasonic has on display a prototype of a 4k camera at CES. Company’s executives have talked on several occasions that a new GH camera with 4k video will be announced in 2014. Engadget reported that the official announcement will be in February. The new GH 4k camera will be priced under $2,000 (images via Photographybay).

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Panasonic talks again about 4k cameras in 2014

In a recent interview with DCWatch, Panasonic confirmed previous rumors that a new GH camera with 4k video will likely be announced in 2014. Here  are the main points from the interview:

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Panasonic to announce five new digital cameras in 2014

Nikkei.com published an article called “Panasonic to halve digital camera releases in 2014”, here are the main points:

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Panasonic GH4 Micro Four Thirds camera with 4K video coming in 2014

Panasonic is rumored to announce a new GH4 Micro Four Thirds camera with 4K video capabilities in 2014. Here are the first set of specifications:

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Blackmagic to announce a new compact Micro Four Thirds cinema and production model 4k cameras

At the 2013 NAB show Blackmagic is expected to announce a new compact Micro Four Thirds cinema camera with a price tag of $995: “Ultra portable Super 16 digital cinema camera with super wide 13 stops dynamic range, Super 16 sized 1080 HD sensor, built-in SD card recorder, high resolution LCD, ProRes and lossless CinemaDNG RAW recording, […]

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Sony shows 4K prototype cameras at the 2013 NAB show

At the 2013 NAB show Sony showed for the first time two 4k prototype cameras. On of the prototypes has a DSLR-like design similar to the Canon EOS-1DC. No technical specifications are available at that point. More images:

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Canon working on 25p recording at 4K resolution for the EOS-1D C camera

Canon announced the development of a new feature for the EOS-1D C camera ($11,999) that will add support for 25p recording at 4K resolution.

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