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Just another “Adobe reports record revenue” blog post

Another blog post for the “Adobe reports record revenue” category that has been going on at least since 2016 (for Adobe alternatives, check the latest products from Topaz Labs, Skylum, Capture One, DxO, Franzis, and ON1):

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Adobe surpasses $11 billion in annual revenue

Another year, another money-making record for Adobe (see previous reports here). The company reported that is surpassed $11 billion in annual revenue and a record fourth quarter that contributed to 24% year-over-year annual growth:

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Adobe reports record Q2 revenue again

I lost track of how many times Adobe reported record revenue (see previous reports). The latest Q2 financial results – Adobe achieved 25% year-over-year growth with strong Creative, Adobe Document Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud revenue:

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Adobe reports record revenue (again) + list of Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop alternative

This is my sixth “Adobe reports record revenue (again)” post and while I am very happy that Adobe is doing well, I think they should bring back the standalone licensing option for their photo editing software if they really care about their customers (they won’t and they don’t) – not everyone wants to be locked to a monthly […]

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Adobe reports record revenue (yes, again)

This is my fourth post in the past 12 months about Adobe reporting record revenue (this time it’s for their Q2/2018 that just ended). While I am very happy when a company is successful, I would like to remind you that Adobe recently increased the price of some Creative Cloud plans in North America and […]

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Press release: Adobe achieves record revenue (again)

Just a day after Adobe announced a price increase for some Creative Cloud plans in North America, the company announced another record revenue just like they did last year (see this and this posts):

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Adobe reports record revenue (again)

Adobe reported record revenue for its third quarter for the 2017 fiscal year that ended on September 1, 2017 (see also the previous report from June 2017). Here are the financial highlights:

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Adobe Creative achieved record revenue exceeding $1 billion in Q2

Adobe started significantly increasing their profit back in 2015 when they began switching customers to the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Adobe just reported that their Creative revenue hit a new record and exceeded $1 billion in Q2 (back in December 2016 Adobe also reported record revenue and net income):

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