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Olympus exit/sell camera business: the day after

While Olympus is pretending that what happened is not a big deal at all with statements like this: “We believe this is the right step to preserve the legacy of the brand, the value of the technologies and the outstanding products. Olympus sees this transfer as an opportunity to enable its Imaging business to continue […]

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I told you so: Olympus to exit/sell camera business

I took a lot of heat from fanboys when I reported last year that Olympus will exit the camera business (feel free to read some of the comments to this post). After years of bad financial results and bad publicity, today Olympus announced that they will sell their camera business by the end of the year. […]

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Rumors: Olympus to shut down camera division in less than 8 months

From PersonalView – “Olympus closure is near, can happen in less than 8 months“: “It is total instability now in camera division, in various countries people are running and looking for new positions. Lot of rumors and talks that we can hear sudden closure press release within January-March time. Some talks are that development team and […]

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