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Panasonic LUMIX GH6 camera specifications and pictures leaked online

The first pictures and specifications of the upcoming Panasonic LUMIX GH6 camera leaked online (the official announcement is on February 21):

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Panasonic GH6 to be announced on February 21st

After the initial delay, the Panasonic GH6 camera will be announced on February 21 – you can see the official countdown on Panasonic’s website. Here are the rumored GH6 specifications:

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CES 2022 press event: the specifications of a camera “that should not be named” “will be released before Spring arrives” (Panasonic GH6?)

As already reported, today Panasonic had their 2022 CES press event. During the online presentation (at the 52:09 mark) the host briefly mentioned a camera “that should not be named” (I assume the Panasonic GH6?) and then added that “specification will be released before Spring arrives“:

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The Panasonic GH6 camera is delayed

Panasonic just issued a notice that the GH6 MFT mirrorless camera that was officially announced in May 2021 will be delayed as already expected/reported:

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Getting closer to announcement: Panasonic DC-GH6 camera registered in Russia

The rumored Panasonic DC-GH6 mirrorless camera has also been registered with the Russian certification body. There will be two types of GH6 lens kits available: DC-GH6M and DC-GH6L. The corresponding charger is registered under DVLC1005Z and the AC adapter is VSK0815K:

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Do not expect the Panasonic GH6 camera this year

Just Like Olympus, Panasonic did not release any new information on the upcoming GH6 camera – they just updated their Japanese and global websites to reflect the LUMIX 20th anniversary. Here is the only paragraph from their presentation referring to the Panasonic GH6 camera:

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New BS1H camera coming soon, the Lumix brand is 20 years old, Panasonic has no plans to sell camera business

Nokishita reports that Panasonic will announce a new box-style 6K mirrorless camera called LUMIX BS1H (similar to the current BGH1 model pictured above). The new model will have a 24.2MP sensor and a price tag of $3,497. This month Panasonic is celebrating their LUMIX 20th anniversary (see dedicated site) and I would expect several new Lumix […]

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Sony has a new 21MP 120 fps stacked CMOS Four Thirds sensor

Sony has a new 21MP 120 fps stacked CMOS Four Thirds sensor:

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