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Samsung NX2000 mirrorless camera officially announced

The Samsung NX2000 mirrorless camera is now officially announced and is available for pre-order ($649 for a lens kit, available in black and white). Samsung NX2000 product specifications:

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Samsung NX2000 mirrorless camera leaked again

It seems that Samsung is ready to announce their new NX2000 mirrorless camera: a new product page is currently live (in German) and B&H has a listing for a NX2000 battery on their website. Here is a screenshot with the product features and specifications (click for larger view):

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This is the Samsung NX2000 mirrorless camera and it will most likely run on the Tizen OS

Top and front drawings of the upcoming Samsung NX2000 mirrorless camera appeared at a recent FCC filing (via Engadget). The new model will have a 20.3 MP CMOS sensor, 802.11n WiFi capabilities and will most likely run on the Tizen OS – traces of the Tizen OS were already found in the NX300 firmware:

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Picture of the Samsung NX2000 Android/Tizen based camera

Update: this camera is most likely the Samsung NX2000. The above picture is of a not-yet-announced Samsung NX camera that runs on the Android or Tizen OS (you can see the home button on the right). I do not have any other details, but Samsung is rumored to be working on mirrorless NX cameras that run on […]

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Samsung NX2000 EXIF data appears on the Web

Pictures taken with the upcoming Samsung NX2000 were recently uploaded on Google+ and were later removed but you can still see a screenshot of the EXIF data. After the quiet NX1100 announcement, the NX2000 will most likely be the next camera announced by Samsung.

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Samsung NX1100 and NX2000 rumors, DxOMark scores, NX300 videos

A quick update on the latest Samsung NX rumors: Samsung is preparing to launch the NX1100 (replacement for the NX1000) and possibly also a new NX2000 mirrorless cameras. A reader sent me this screenshot of the EXIF data of an image taken with the new NX1100 camera:

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