This is the Samsung NX2000 mirrorless camera and it will most likely run on the Tizen OS


Top and front drawings of the upcoming Samsung NX2000 mirrorless camera appeared at a recent FCC filing (via Engadget). The new model will have a 20.3 MP CMOS sensor, 802.11n WiFi capabilities and will most likely run on the Tizen OS - traces of the Tizen OS were already found in the NX300 firmware:


It seems that Samsung is trying to abandon Android and concentrate on the Tizen OS for their future cameras and smart phones.

Samsung is also expected to announce two new NX lenses: 10mm f/3.5 and 16-50мм f/2.8.

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  • cj

    Good luck finding any photography business using this junk.

    • All good things were once junk before someone smart came along and showed the world otherwise.

  • GuustFlater89

    Interesting, an oval lens mount…

    • I messed up when I was resizing, I updated the screenshot.

    • Actually the original image was messed up.

  • Tv

    Samsung are the company to watch as they have deep pockets are innovating. They keep releasing new products trying new things. Some of their lenses review well. They are catching up. Remember Japanese cameras were looked down on 60 years ago.

    • If you’re talking about lenses then it’s Samyang, not Samsung, that companies like Sigma and OEMs should watch out for. If it’s cameras, innovation has only one name: Fuji… Samsung is trying to get in to the game and they’ve shown some interesting things (like controls on lens) and some prototypes but I don’t see myself tuning in to the Samsung TV channel while having dinner. But what you say about the Japanese cameras is absolutely right… and also I hope the public, for once, smartens up so manufacturers won’t keep selling us junk.

  • No longer Pablo Ricasso

    For all the recognition this company doesn’t have, they make some very solid stuff. It’s only a matter of time.

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