The new Ricoh Digital GR camera to be announced next week (additional specifications available)



Update: see also this post for more information on the new GR camera.

Here are some additional specifications for the upcoming Ricoh GR compact camera:

  • The new Ricoh GR will have a new processor called GR Engine 5.
  • Very fast and improved AF and start-up time.
  • No anti-aliasing (AA) filter.
  • High ISO up to 25,600
  • 1080P at 30fps HD video recording capabilities with continuous AF (H.264 format).
  • Built-in stereo mic.
  • The 28mm f/2.8 lens is completely re-designed and will have a 9 blades aperture.
  • Ricoh will also offer a wide angle conversion lens (GW-3) with a 21mm focal length.
  • The new GR will be compatible with Eye-Fi memory cards.
  • The US price will be around $800.
  • Announcement is next week. Shipping should start in May, 2013.
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  • Non.S

    Sounds promising. I wish Ricoh would go with two versions, one 28mm and one 35mm.

    • GXRuser

      Why not four cameras, one each with a different prime lens… 28mm, 35mm or 40mm, 50 or 75mm (macro), and 105mm.

    • get a x100s if you want 35.

      i’d rather 28mm, can’t wait.

  • Kees Bennema

    2.8 lens? 25.600 iso? It’s going to be an APS-C sensor…..

  • OMG! It has a body cap!

  • Baz

    Body cap? I’ve never seen a body cap with a screw attached to it. Why need a body cap if it is a fixed-lens camera in the first place?

    • casaubon

      On the GRD4, to keep the lens from extending accidentally and to keep out dust.

      • Baz

        That is obviously the case with a LENS cap.

  • The specs look very good as well as the price.
    I knew it was only a matter of time before people whined about other focal lengths.

  • Ahlihver

    This is the best news for me! :DD

  • georges

    28mm f2.8 amazing, 19mm f2.5 certainly.

  • Starfires

    Competition for the Nikon A?

    • casaubon

      The Nikon A is competition for this.

  • Sky

    Awesome. Looks really brilliant. If it keeps high-ISO quality of Pentax it can be one of the best APS-C cameras on the market. Sounds really exciting.

  • sasa208

    600 bucks and we have a winner! 🙂

    • It’s a winner at $800. Get over it already.

      • really…what do these people expect? it to cost $500?

      • sasa208

        You are just to easy Micheal 🙂

  • Archiver

    That’s the lens cap from the GRD IV, which protects the lens and stops the lens from accidentally extending.

  • if this has the same sensor has the k-5 IIs it is going to be amazing. 28mm is perfect for a lot of people who do street and need to go wide. really hope this has a flip screen and maybe an external evf….

  • peter

    So, no Pentax Aps-c compact?

  • Ke

    Is it an actual 28mm lens, or 28mm equivalent?

    • 28mm equivalent, the lens is actually 18.5mm I believe.

  • Z.T.

    Will GR come in colours? Hope it does. I’m looking forward to red and blue Spiderman edition.

  • What a nice compliment to my X100S.

    How long after Ricoh announces a camera is it released?

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